Monday, August 17, 2009

Open thread: a question for parents

School will be starting very soon. Are you happy to get your kids out of the house? Or sad to see them have to go back? Or a combination of both? Comments ...


  1. So sad! I am praying for kind and patient teachers...every student deserves it.

  2. I'm a stay-at-home mom w/ 3 kids and am happy that my 2 older ones are going back. In a sense. I also babysit other children & getting out to do activities was hard to do. We live outside of town with not many kids in our neighborhood. So, finding things for them to do was hard. I was tired of hearing, "mom, I'm bored". To that, I responded by saying, Well, the house could use a cleaning". And that would be the end of that, lol. On the flip side of that,I'm sad since my evenings would be free of babysitting so, therefore, my kids' sports activities were almost everyday. I absolutely love it! I also didn't have the chores of packing lunch, making sure homework was done, or helping with it. So, I'm happy to get them out of my hair, but sad because I love watching my kids doing their sports. They grow up way too fast and I have the privilige of being around for them and not being too exhausted.


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