Sunday, August 16, 2009

Profits can be sweet when an ethanol plant can convert to corn syrup production!

Has anyone noticed the price of sugar lately? In the last four months it has increased by over 50% to a world price of 22 cents a pound! Restricted US white sugar price has had a similar increase to 55 cents a pound. As a result you already and will continue to see more increases in food prices across the board. For over a decade state-of-the-art ethanol plants have been designed to quickly convert from the production of ethanol for cars to corn syrup for beverages and food products. If the TAME plant had been so designed, they could be making a sweet profit by switching production to corn syrup. Had we been the Anderson advisors we would have encouraged this choice. Instead they turned to the temporary Carbon Capture and Sequestration boondoggle recommended by Battelle whose lead spokesperson is Senior Vice President of Corporate Relations Anthony Hebron, previously employed by The Limited/Victoria’s Secret according to the Columbus Dispatch and the Washington Post.

Charles E. Reier MD
Rebecca A. Reier


  1. Well aren't we just full of answers for everyone's problems...

    Its nice to know that it is possible to build an ethanol plant which can produce corn syrup, but whats the point of telling the Anderson's what to do, its their business, unless of course you are suggesting de-privitaization of companies.

    But I'll assume you are lamenting at not purchasing stock in Anderson's, as that would give you the right to suggest what business practices they should prescribe for themselves.

    And what does Anthony Hebron have to do with anything? From what I recall he tried to encourage more recycled paper in the catalog, after protests to the amount of paper that was used.

    And one last thing what do you have against the Battelle Foundation? They are a non-profit organization that has done a lot of ground breaking work over the years and are supposedly working to reduce our dependence on foreign oil by creating products made out of the soy beans that Ohio farmers grow each and every year.

  2. I am amazed with all of the talk of how this sequestration is going to hurt our county(which I agree with), that no one has mentioned the crippling effects to the livestock producers in this already. People cannot afford to feed their animals because of the price of corn. Just wondering why no one cared about this before...

  3. And crop farmers raising corn for sale used to complain what little money they got for it. Now they are doing well.

    I am honestly a bit surprised to see a physician suggesting corn syrup production. Groups like the AMA are pushing things like blood sugar and BMI to be the "4th vital sign". Americans are eating too much sugar (in its various forms) and so diabetes and obesity are on the rise.

    Keep producing ethanol, it will reduce foreign oil dependence, and that will make everything cheaper for everyone, including the suffering livestock farmers.

  4. To: Anonymous,
    People with character and integrity are not afraid to have their name follow their expressed opinions. They do not cast barbs and insults out of context while under the cover of anonymity

  5. Ah, but corn syrup production will create CO2 also.

  6. What barbs and insults are cast out of context?

    The original post issues advice in retrospect, which until we invent the time machine is pretty much irrelevant.

    The following comment seems only to make light of that. The comments after that seem to be enter a discussion about corn prices and sugar intake.

    My view is that the original post is only there to anger people even further against the Anderson's business since they want to participate in CCS. If they had continued to just go about the status quo making ethanol and not try something new, the original post about corn syrup production would not have ever been made...

  7. I do think I agree with the above poster...

    I mean for the most part everyone is on board with the anti-sequestration movement, why is it necessary to continue to make a Darke County business look as if its only goal is to swindle and possibly kill people?

    Its even stated that it is unknown if the TAME plant can be converted to corn syrup... It might very well be able and there are other reason for them not changing to that production.

    Even at that I really dont think the people at TAME are as "evil" as is made out, they pay pretty good for the corn our county farmers produce. Thats helping a lot of farming families in these hard times....

  8. As far as the corn syrup issue, go down to Needmore Rd. in Dayton, Cargill seems to have the corn syrup all tied up.


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