Sunday, August 16, 2009

Streets closed

The following was emailed by a regular DarkeJournal reader on Sunday at 12:24 p.m.:

Good afternoon ... FYI for the site perhaps: Broadway is shut down from the traffic circle to Martin Street, (as well as Martin to Gray and Washington to Devor), as Broadway has been ground down being prepared to be repaved. Also, Wagner Avenue traffic between Main Street and Russ Road is down to one lane in each direction as city crews are doing roadwork through there as well (what exactly, I'm not sure ... the closed lanes had been sprayed down and had the lovely smell of asphault).
FYI ... as a reminder, the idea behind this site is to transmit information fast. We are passing along unverified info here. Accept it for what it's worth (and check our Visitor Agreement for the full policy).

UPDATE: Something definitely happened on Broadway, which is now has a trail of stinky fresh asphalt, but as of 3:30 p.m. Broadway is open again.


  1. What was placed on Wagner Ave. most recently was not asphalt, but Reclamite (trade name) pavement treatment. It is a relatively expensive concoction that soaks into newly placed asphalt, making the surface more tightly knitted and more pliable, with the goal of extending its life.

  2. ahhh ... thank you sir for the info!


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