Saturday, September 26, 2009

Bonfiglio Pharmacy is now closed

Greenville Bonfiglio Pharmacy is now closed. The Pharmacy closed on September 26. According to Ron Bonfiglio, the store will remain closed for two weeks for remodeling. When reopened, the store will be known as the Bonfiglio Wellness Center. The pharmacy part of the business will not reopen. All of the pharmacy files have been sold to Medicine and More.

More information on plans for the new store will be featured in an upcoming edition of The Early Bird.

[reprinted from the September 27 edition of The Early Bird]


  1. Is this because of the economy or is it by choice?

  2. Bonfiglio's has been struggling for a long time ... and actually having to "borrow" or buy medications from other local pharmacies, to be able to take care of their customers. I'm surprised it has taken this long for the pharmacy to close.

  3. With so many chain pharmacies in Greenville this does not surprise me. It's hard for "the little guy" to compete against the chains in any market.

  4. Doesn't the conditions of the economy cause business owner's to have to make choices? That is not an either or question in my opinion and why is it important to know the answer to either one? It does not change the fact they had to close. The insurance/health care obstacles created by our government makes it very hard on non-chain pharmacies to survive. The health care industry is not as easy as it once was. They put up a great fight to take care of their customers for as long as they could. We wish them the best in their future endeavors.

  5. I sure hope they still sell candy and pop.


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