Saturday, September 26, 2009

The fans of Thurgood Marshall High School

Thurgood Marshall traveled to Greenville tonight to take on the Green Wave. Marshall is a small school to begin with, and being from metro Dayton, a relatively small crowd made the trip for the game. By contrast, the Greenville homecoming crowd was too much for the home stands - and many Greenville fans (and the game-of-the-week cameraman) spilled into the visitors' bleachers. Let me say that the Thurgood Marshall fans are a class act, not caring at all that Greenville people were in their bleachers. Several of the fans helped with names and info for the game video (coming soon). If Greenville does finally find a conference, it should keep Thurgood Marshall as an annual non-conference game ... just a suggestion.

The cheerleaders also seemed to hit it off ...


  1. does greenville not have a defensive coach or what?At least the cheerleaders had a good game.LOL

  2. According to some of the stuff Ive been reading Thurgood Marshall has a chance of going undefeated this year. There a pretty good team. Greenville lost alot of good players last year. I think Greenville played well considering. Greenville beat Thurgood last year.

  3. to 12:09 pm.How do you let a team score 52 points.Come on.


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