Friday, September 25, 2009

Friday night open thread: Week 5

Here's 7 year old Grace Washington showing her school spirit and rooting for her brother, Layne @ Thursday night's Homecoming parade. Go Wave! [received via text message]

And here are the Friday night final scores: Thurgood Marshall 52, Greenville 27; Arcanum 7, Ansonia 42; Mississinawa 22, National Trail 21; Versailles 14, Delphos-St. John's 28; Bradford 14, Tri-County North 21

Jordan Monnin makes a move for Versailles - getting a block from Damian Winner. Photo courtesy of


  1. Thurgood Marshall 28 at Greenville 19
    Arcanum 20 at Ansonia 48
    Mississinawa 18 at National Trail 14
    Versailles 20 at Delphos-St. John's 42
    Bradford 21 at Tri-County North 14

  2. so is ansonia the team to beat in the ccc now? Used to be arcanum and covington, but arcanum is what? 1-3? Covington is 3-1, i believe... Are there other schools that pose a threat to ansonia's unbeaten streak? Other than upsets, i mean?

  3. Bradford 14 and TCN 21


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