Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Greenville authorities are seeking witnesses of fatal accident

If you have any information, please call 548-1103. For more information, check out Steve Baker's excellent video report here.

On a personal note, I got to know Jimmy Hendrix (aka James Hendrix) when I worked at Derby Manufacturing all the way back in the summer of 1990. Jimmy was a jokester, who victimized me on several occasions. The first time was my first day on the job when he introduced himself as "Jimmy Hendrix," laughing as if he was making it up. The co-workers went along with the joke, and it wasn't until days later that I realized that his name actually was "Jimmy Hendrix" and the joke was on me. It was much more fun being in on the joke - which happened several times during the summer I worked at Derby.

Jimmy's other scam was that he would occasionally lie about the time (he was the only one who wore a watch in our area). He would claim it was much earlier in the day than it actually was, and then quitting time would come sooner than expected. It was a little thing, but very funny at the time, and something I remember 19 years later.

I never saw Jimmy again after my summer at Derby. But Jimmy Hendrix was decent to me - and a friend, even if for only a short time. God bless JH.

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  1. Love you Jimmy, we all miss you here on 13th St.


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