Sunday, November 15, 2009

Bengals sweep Steelers, win at Pittsburgh 18-12

The Bengals sweep the Steelers only once every 20 years, so you better get in your trash talk now! The Bengals are 7-2, and 5-0 in the AFC North, having swept both the Ravens and Steelers. The Bengals next three opponents are: the Raiders, the Browns, and the Lions.


  1. Hmmm...Raiders (W), Browns (W) and Lions (W)....should go pretty smoothly for them. Would love to see the Brownies get an upset though! GO STEELERS!!!!

  2. hope they lose everyone of them. steelers should have won

  3. Steelers should have won the first game. This game, however, was all Bengals. No question about it. I live amongst way too many Steeler and Browns fans who are saying the same thing to believe otherwise. The Bengals simply out-played the Steelers and probably should have thrashed them to the point of not even needing to have to make a stop in the 4th quarter to win the game.

  4. "Steelers should have won"

    What does that even mean? They lost. Cry cry cry. Basically, you're saying they should have one because they are your team and you're butthurt about them losing.

    The Bengals are a great team this year. they're in control of the division and could be looking at a first round bye. Should the two meet again in the post season, it isn't going to be like '05. that's for sure.

    A win is a win. Two wins is definite. The Bengals played Steeler style football and dominated them in their own stadium.


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