Monday, November 16, 2009

Game of the year (so far): Colts beat Patriots

If you didn't watch the late game last night, you missed a great one. The Colts overcame insane deficits (17 points down early in the 4th quarter ... 13 points down with three minutes left) to score the winning TD with 0:13 left on the clock. The key play in the game came at the 2-minute mark when the Patriots decided to go for it 4th-and-2 on their own 28 yard line. When they came up just a little short, Manning and the Colts capitalized with he game-winning touchdown. The words "stupid" and "foolish" were used post-game to describe Bill Belichick's coaching decisions. Tom Brady's expression says it all.


  1. I can't stand the Pats (sorry, Matt Light fans). The Pats had this game in their back pocket and let arrogance get in the way. They deserved to lose it. Also.... How 'bout them Bengals?!??

  2. I kind of agree. But I do love the Patriots. I dont agree with the game "in their back pocket" as the Colts remain undefeated. It was going to be an interesting game either way. I do agree with the Pats letting arrogance in the way. It seems when they get cocky, thats when they make (many) mistakes. And Belichick sure made a he**uva one. Whatever possessed him to go for it?!? Still, a good game was had. GO PATS!



    Also, bengals talk is may more importatnt. :) 7-2... 5-0 in the division? 2-0 vs defending champs?

    Before the season, i thought they would be lucky to see 9 wins... now 11+ is looking very, very realistic.

  4. Weren't the Bengals 0-8 this time last season? Man, it's just great to see this team looking good and winning. Makes me wonder how much of a sore TJ was. I mean, he's griping (and losing) with Seattle, and the Bengals are flourishing without him. I think I'll watch the Monday night game just to see how badly the Browns can mess up a the simple plays. Man - they are so bad....

  5. I like Belichicks agressive coaching and of course Matt Light but thats all I like about the PATS. I might add that the DOLPHINS were the only team yesterday to win in the AFC East. GO DOLPHINS !!!

  6. Pats had 465 yards of offense up to that point, if they can make 2 yards the game is pretty much over.
    Everyone else punts.
    Give the guy credit for not doing the same boring thing, punting and holding your breath.

  7. Bless Bill Belichick! I am not a Pats fan at all! I don't know if it was aggressiveness of arrogance....but thank you! GO COLTS!


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