Sunday, November 29, 2009

Bengals win the Battle of Ohio

Final score was Bengals 16-Browns 7 in a snoozefest (which was not on television if you have Dish or DirecTV, due to technical difficulties). The Bengals will have to play better to be a playoff contender. And the Browns ... they just need to get better. Eric Mangini is on the clock.


  1. at 8-3 i think they're already a playoff contender.

    but you're right, if they play like that, they'll be one and one again. They've got to find the ability to finish drives. I watched the game on and off and it seems like they were dominating at times, only to have drives stall on them. They have to finish drives and they have to put teams away when they have the opty (the last two weeks should have been over by the half, but they let weak teams hang around).

  2. Thank goodness that they picked up Larry! I agree, they need to find consistency and lose all of those stupid penalities! What happened to the passing game? Does it seem to you that they are trying to run a bit too much sometimes?

  3. possibly, but you can't really fault them when they're being successful on the ground.

    the fear is that if the running game hits a wall, the passing game better step up or their dead. They appear to be a one dimensional team. When you have Carson/Chad... the passing game shouldn't be questioned, but it is.

    they are a playoff team. but a championship team is balanced and picks each other up. That's the test that is left.

  4. I agree, they are in the playoffs, but they had better find some additional "weapons" to avoid being one and done.
    Did you watch MNF? Either the Pats just had a bad game, or the Saints are for real. I go with the latter...all of those long balls were just unreal! Besides, I love watching Tom Brady cry!

  5. I did not watch it, but hearing of it was music to my ears. Being a Bengals/Reds fan has conditioned me to root for the under dog.

    The Saints are explosive in every sense of the word. I jsut hope they don't fizzle in the post season and end up out early, although it seems like the only team close to them are the Vikings (in the NFC that is).


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