Saturday, November 7, 2009

Cheadle death being investigated as homicide

As reported by WHIO

Update: Here is the media release from the Greenville Police Department ...
The unidentified deceased male discovered in a parked vehicle in the 400-B of Elm Street in the City of Greenville on November 3, 2009 has been identified by the Miami Valley Regional Crime Laboratory as Patrick Cheadle (55) of Ansonia, OH.

The matter, under investigation by the Greenville Police Department, Darke County Coroners Office, Darke County Sheriff's Office and the Miami Valley Regional Crime Laboratory, has been determined to be a homicide. Cause of death is being withheld at this time.

Anyone with any information regarding this matter is encouraged to contact the Greenville Police Department Detective Section at 937-548-4150.


  1. Great. Add another unsolved murder mystery in Darke County.

  2. Darke County Sheriff's office would have had a killer in custody all ready, but the Greenville City Police Dept. won't ever find the murderer. They haven't found one yet.

  3. what are you talking about darke caounty doesnt have any problems look at the people the employ and the shove the problems under the rug when there own does wrong..they dont care about much of anything except making there monthly quotas.. the issues that are rising in greenville makes them look bad so theyturn there backs on them so Darke county doesnt look bad.....

  4. someone needs to up against Toby for Sheriff... We need a new Sheriff in town, and perf... a Rep!!! not no dang democrap

  5. every time some one runs against toby he digs up some dirt on them and they drop out of the race.I agree we need a new sherriff to bring darke county in to the 21st century.dukeblackohio.

  6. Are you people for real? Under the rug means hidden so that nobody finds out. Apparently you missed all the news media about Darke County investigating and charging two of its employees. Please tell me how this is sweeping it under the rug. They did EXACTLY what they should have done in accordance with the law. By definition, if it was under the rug you'd never have known about it! This was on television and print news for Pete’s sake! Looks to me like it was flown from the flagpole more than it was swept under the rug!!

    Oh, and the Sheriff's Office doesn't have quotas. You could just assume they do, or actually call the Sheriff's secretary and ask. While you're at it, ask how much time the deputies spend on non-traffic related calls versus traffic related. You'd wonder where they even find the time to make a traffic stop.

    Apparently "turning your back" is another confusing phrase. The Sheriff's office is assisting Greenville with this homicide - read GPD's press release above!! The departments frequently work together and the officers and deputies have great relationships. To state that DCSO is "turning it's back" on Greenville is asinine.

  7. Our sheriff's deputies do a great job, do all of local police. Be thankful that we have them at all, especailly after Wal-Mart is demanding so much of the Greenville money.

  8. This is getting out of hand! Let the police and sheriff`s deputies do their jobs. I`m sure they are capable of handling the things that are going on in and around Greenville. So far I haven`t heard of them turning their backs on anyone. And let`s remember there are two families grieving over the loss of loved ones. The last thing they need is a bunch of rumors. Thank you and lets keep this an opinion forum not a political massacre!! Bob Shepherd

  9. Our Deputies do what they can do with the means and tools within their means. This is not a CSI or NCIS area. Our county does not have funding to have a crime lab nor do they have the people that could run one. Every piece of evidence has to be shipped out to other locations. IE: FBI, London, Dayton....
    Accident investigation is pretty much all this area can handle in house.
    In turn everytime evidence is handled moved exposed to any light or enviroment it takes a chance of contamination. All this takes time to process and such.
    Sheriff Spencer does a great job with the funding and the politics he is faced with on a daily basis. Anytime Our County faces budget problems the County Commisioners turn to The Sheriff's dept. for cuts first.
    Maybe what we need is to look into People for Commisioners that are better with money and are more geared towards business savy.

  10. I'm concerned if the Greenville Police Dept is so good at solving murders then how come the murder of Denny Young is still unsolved? How come we still don't know what happened to that man at the bar, or what happened to the man who they found dead on Birt st.? Haven't heard of a cause nor an arrest on any of these unsolved mysteries. I commend the Sheriff's Dept for a job well done...

  11. Come on guys, alot of crimes don't get solved all over the country. CSI is fiction... in real life some get solved and some do not. Darke county Sheriff's office and Greenville PD do a great job for what they have to work with. It cost a lot of money, time and tools to do these investigations.

  12. Nov. 9, 6:09 PM
    While your allegiance is admirable, your statement that the Sheriff's Dept. is the first to be cut is incorrect. There are many county employees that have been working reduced hours of 35 per week for months. But none of these work for the Sheriff.

  13. 6:09 - Just because the sheriff's office hasn't reduced hours doesn't mean they haven't been hit on numerous occasions. There is a minimum staffing needed and reducing hours isn't possible. With a 24/7 operation you can't cut hours unless you close part of the day - not an option.

    The sheriff's office has made lots of cuts over the years, especially recently. There is no janitorial staff, mobile data units in the cruisers were shut off, equipment purchases are nearly non-existant (unless they have a grant), restrictions have been placed on vacation to control overtime, several vacancies in the jail, detective section, and clerical departments remain unfilled, and lots of measures have been put in place to reduce gasoline use.


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