Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Election results

Using the latest computer analysis, exit polling, and tarot cards, DarkeJournal can now safely predict that election results will be posted as soon as they are available on the internet ... :)

Any predictions?

Update 1: Bob McDonnell wins BIG in Virginia.

Update 2: With 10 precincts reporting, Klosterman leads the voting for Greenville Township Trustee. Ron Klosterman 1404, George S. Luce, Jr. 1309, Mike Stegall 1384

Update 3: Bowman, Scott, and Studabaker lead for Greenville School Board (top three win). Craig McGlinch trails the pack by several hundred votes.

Update 4: Issues 1 and 2 winning big early (Dayton Daily News)

Update 5: Now with 20 precincts in ... Ron Klosterman 1932, George S. Luce, Jr. 1816, Mike Stegall 1941

Update 6: Neave Twp. results ... Bryan Clymer 455, Diana J. Linder 155, Walter Wiant 563

Update 7: Issue 2 is passing in Darke County by more than 3-to-1; Issue 3 is failing in Darke County by a small margin

Update 8: Wow - Rhine McLin losing Dayton mayoral race

Update 9: The race for governor of New Jersey is too close to call - with much of the deceased vote still outstanding.

Update 10: Now with 30 precincts in ... Ron Klosterman 2309, George S. Luce, Jr. 2147, Mike Stegall 2278. It's beginning to look bleak for Luce.

Update 11: It's all but over in the race for Greenville School Board, as Craig McGlinch trails the pack by over 600 votes. Studabaker, Bowman, and Scott appear to have won seats.

Update 12: Darke County votes BIG for Issue 2 ...YES 8132, NO 2308

Update 13: WHOA ... A Republican governor in New Jersey? Several media outlets have called New Jersey for Chris Christie.

Update 14: Now 40 precincts reporting for Darke County (out of 43 possibly?). None of the results above have changed. It appears that Ron Klosterman will replace George Luce as Greenville Twp. Trustee. Sue Bowman will replace Eileen Litchfield (who did not run for re-election). Walter Wiant will replace Lowell House (who retired) in Neave Twp.

Update 15: A Republican comeback nationally? Barack Obama won Virginia by 6 points last November. Tonight, Bob McDonnell won Virginia by 20 points, a 26-point swing. Obama campaigned hard for John Corzine in New Jersey, in what was expected to be a nail-biter. It wasn't. Republican Chris Christie won by several points. Brace yourselves for the White House spin on these two races.

Update 16: Dayton Daily News reports that Issue 2 has passed - up 65%-35% with almost half the vote counted. Sorry HSUS ... we'll be thinking of you next time we cut into a thick, juicy steak.

Update 17: Issue 3 is passing 54%-46% with 49% of the state reporting.

Update 18: SHOCKER ... Gary Leitzell upsets Rhine McLin in Dayton mayoral race. Leitzell is an Independent who was endorsed by the Republican Party. Question: How many big U.S. cities have an Independent mayor?

Update 19: Issue 3 is passing largely upon votes from Cincinnati, Toledo, and Cleveland. The voters of Franklin County voted against having their own casino. Check out this very interesting Columbus Dispatch graphic of the issue voting by county - and click on Issue 3.

Update 20: All 43 precincts have reported in Darke County ... Greenville Township (top two to serve): Ron Klosterman 2646, George S. Luce, Jr. 2455, Mike Stegall 2608; Neave Township (top two to serve): Bryan Clymer 484, Diana J. Linder 182, Walter Wiant 595; Greenville School District (top three to serve): Sue Bowman 3662, Craig McGlinch 2806, Cindy Scott 3568, Ben Studabaker 3682; Issue 2:  YES 12892, NO 3312; Issue 3: YES 7569, NO 8642.


  1. Now the Republicans have to follow this up by putting up GOOD candidates for House and Senate seats against Democratic incumbants in 2010. I don't care if the district is predominantly Democrat, the party MUST make a push to put a "big shot" in every election possible. You've got to take the apparent win by a Republican in New Jersey (a state that is generally bluer than the mood of the Democrats tonight) and run with it.

  2. Well the fat lady has sung.

    Results of issue 3 very interesting. Seems that 2 casinos is all should be put up with a fence around Cincinnati and Cleveland to keep the trash contained.

  3. As yes, people will call the voters idiots for passing issue 3, and yet praise their wise judgement for passing issue 2.

  4. Ebenezer Scrooge-true conservativeNovember 4, 2009 at 5:18 PM

    An overwhelming majority of Ohioans showed their approval for increasing the state's indebtedness $200 million by passing Issue 1.

  5. Hey 10:58 PM
    By "good candidates" do you mean those in the tradition of Dick Armey, Tom Delay, the toe-tapping guy, and the governor who walked the Appalachian Trail while philandering in South America?

  6. Those are much better than the slew of Democrats currently under investigation by the ethics committee.

  7. To Ebenezer Scrooge-true conservative. An overwhelming majority of Ohioans showed their support to the men and women who have fought for are country. So, Stupid people like you have the right to voice your opinions.

  8. to anonymous 6:50, you tell them, you're damn right don't see scrooge getting their dead lazy ass over to the war fighting for anything.

  9. To 5:18, I am mostly conservative myself, but if this country and state can give hand outs to the leech's in this country, then they can take care of our countries patriots and their families!!!!!!

  10. Congratulations to all the winners from the Election. First it does not matter what party you are for, the importance should be this: Make a difference! We have trusted you with a great honor and now it is your duty to thrive and help change things for the better of your neighbor, your town, your school, your county, your state and YOUR COUNTRY.


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