Tuesday, November 3, 2009

A few notes to the commenters

Be civil! And if you want to argue another commenter's point, calling that person a "dumba$$" is about the least effective way of doing it. It's also a great way to get your comment rejected. And once a comment gets rejected, submitting the same comment 43 more times won't improve your chances.

A few other notes:
  • "You're" means "you are." It doesn't mean anything else. By the same token, "your" does not mean "you are." Go here for more info.
  • A "moot point" means there is no point debating something. I'm not sure what a "mute point" is, though commenters seem to refer to it a lot.
  • Chief is spelled c-h-i-e-f.
  • If you have to use CAPS to make your point, it's probably not worth making. 


  1. Palin is spelled PRESIDENT.


  3. first of all didn't realize i put the e before i in chief so sorry i'm not as perfect as you in grammar and spelling, and sorry i did all caps bad eyes and can't see the small writing, sorry for my handicap

  4. wow - i was just having a little fun. #2 and #4 ... so lame.

    these comments have quickly gone from fun to burdensome. i'm gonna start rejecting comments more frequently.

    also ... if you want to go out and research the qualifications and hiring of the gtfd chief, and document your findings, then I'll print the whole thing right here. however, it's not a job i want to take on. i have already allowed a whole bunch of gratuitous slams on stegall, the trustees, and the gtfd. it's over now.

    give me some documented news on a silver platter, and maybe we can talk. otherwise, this talk of the chief and gtfd is OVER.

  5. Keep kissing stegalls ass DJ. You don't the half of what i know. Go see if some of the ex officers from the gtfd will talk ro you. you would be shocked.

  6. Only certain types of facts are allowed. Make sure you are bashing a liberal and you won't get your comment removed. Palin in 2012!

  7. Thanks for posting this DJ! The grammar and spelling are so bad in some of these comments it makes them hard or even impossible to understand.

    I'd like to add:
    -'A lot' is not one word, it's two
    -We aren't texting, so knock it off with phrases like "ur stupid" or "we r going there 2nite"
    -Nobody understand what you mean if you don’t use periods and commas
    -Learn the difference between there, their, and they're
    -While you’re at it: its/it’s, than/then, affect/effect, to/too/two
    -And if you do nothing else, at least spell check

    Cry if you want, but if you make a great point or an excellent rebuttal it totally loses steam when the spelling and grammar are poor. Like it or not, it makes you sound uneducated and ignorant. Obviously by posting a comment you feel that your comment is worthy of other’s attention. Get the respect and consideration you deserve by taking a little command of the English language.

  8. Being a special education teacher I have to make a comment here. I agree that spelling and grammar errors do make a person look as you put it uneducated and ignorant. Sometimes this is far from the truth. Many special education students/adults are very intelligent but, have problems expressing themselves in written form. I try to teach my students to use what is available to them to express themselves in written form. Such as using a writing program with spell and grammar check. I myself am very dyslectic. This in turn contributes to me being a poor speller. I myself have used such a program to form this message. One must recognize their weaknesses and find a way do deal with them.
    The I.M. (instant messaging) short-hand does little to help in a public forum. Many are not as adept at this form of messaging and therefore struggle with understanding the point of the message.
    We as Americans need to remember and be more tolerant of all, whether we can spell or not. Everyone has an opinion and being that we live in a land of free speech, we have the right to express said opinion. Isn’t reacting to their opinion more important that tearing the person down their writing ability.

  9. To Special Education Teacher: whaaaa whaaa whaaaa. I understand and see your point, but no one needs to read your preaching about being tolerant and politically correct. I believe that the majority of the people that post comments are not of any special need... they are just not paying attention and/or lazy. I'm glad that you teach the kids who needs that extra help. I'm glad that you find a way to deal with your weaknesses. But please..........

  10. To Anonymous
    November 8, 2009 9:36 AM
    You say: "We as Americans need to remember and be more tolerant of all".
    I say: Tell that to the thirteen dead at Fort Hood. Our military was way to tolerant!


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