Friday, November 20, 2009

Coroner rules that Kevin Bruner died of natural causes

As reported by the Dayton Daily News.


  1. no one is going to comment on this? It's all everyone could talk about. How bad the town is... how the low income people are destroying greenville.

    my condolences to the bruner family... at least this may (or may not) provide some closure for them.

  2. This town is becoming infested with low income or should I say NO income people! I don't know this person so this comment is not a reflection on him.

  3. If you get beaten badly enough, naturally you will die.

  4. the two ideas are unrelated, which my original point on 11/23...

    when it happened, there were commentors who where using this as an example of how the city is going to hell in a hand basket because of low income people... which has ntohing to do with people getting into a bar fight, let alone the man dying of unrelated causes.

  5. 4:33 it's over I know you can't accept that. You have nothing to complain about on this matter so find another topic to complain about.


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