Friday, November 20, 2009

Time to belly up to the public trough

If you click on the right path at, you can find all the goodies that Darke County will be getting from the Recovery Act (aka the stimulus). Here is a summary ...

  • Mississinawa Valley Schools - $436,573
  • Ansonia Local School District - $336,927 
  • Village of Versailles - $4,473,196 (Clean Water State Revolving Fund for the financing and construction of wastewater treatment facilities and associated infrastructure, green infrastructure, and non-point source projects); jobs saved or created: nothing listed
  • Versailles Exempted School District - $831,669
  • Bradford Exempted Village School District - $321,602
  • Ohio Department of Transportation - $117,611 (Arcanum-Bear's Mill Road project); jobs saved or created? 1.2 jobs
  • Darke County - $105,854 (Jobs and Family Services - Child Care Development Block Grant)
  • Darke County - $600,000 (Funds will be awarded as water and sewer infrastructure grants to non-entitlement communities which have an LMI population of 51% or greater and are classified as distressed.)
  • Greenville City Schools - $1,929,173
  • City of Greenville - $28,236 (ODOT grant)
  • Darke County [Dept. of Education] - $1,092,608 (Special Education - Preschool Grants)
  • Family Health Services - $1,158,303 (remodel main campus; add dental and imaging services; install new roof; add new physician; start after hour services); jobs saved or created? 2 jobs
  • Department of Transportation - $600,904 (road project State Route 571); jobs saved or created? 3.57 jobs
  • Village of Pitsburg Park - $2,583,605 (Clean Water State Revolving Fund) ... **** Correction: About $275,000 of the total above will go to the Franklin-Monroe school district. The other $2.3M goes to the park.
  • Arcanum-Butler School District - $416,000
  • Tri-Village School District - $281,331

You can add it all up yourselves.


  1. Greenville City Schools receiving almost 2 million dollars???

    Is this too good to be true?

  2. Sorry kids and future grand kids. This used to be a great country, where hard working entrepreneurs were rewarded, not taxed to death.

  3. In all fairness, you are neglecting to count other jobs, such as construction. The pro casino lobby promised 34,000 new jobs. Don't you think some of those jobs are also in construction?

    During the Depression, who paid for the WPA, or the CCC? In hindsight, these weren't such a big deal. They were good for America. Why not now?

  4. It's really hard to be negative about it when there are some jobs saved and LL made a good point with other jobs such as construction. It's very good to see the schools all getting $$...Lord knows that they can all use it. All that being said, I still do not trust the current administration and none of us has seen "change" so to speak of.

  5. Yes, the schools are getting money, but I believe it is in lieu of state payments that are not being made by the state because they are broke. While there is no net gain, it begs the question of what would be happening if not for the actions of the Obama administration.

  6. i bet we wouldn't be debating major legislation on saturday night when nobody's watching

  7. so when is China going to own the USA.... because were else could we be getting this kind of money...
    Great job obama... for putting us the REAL Americans into more debt then what Bush did in his 8 years!!!!!

  8. Sorry, Anonymous 11:54. Obama has not spent $13 trillion yet. Let's be realistic here.

  9. To 11:54
    Regarding China, forty years ago our nation sacrificed the lives of some 53,000 young men on the pretense of fighting communism. Now the Chinese are our largest creditor and, the last time I checked, they are still communist!


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