Saturday, November 7, 2009

Live thread: Covington vs. Ansonia / state playoffs (Final: Covington 28-Ansonia 7)

Game starts at 7:00 p.m. ... Covington fumbles the opening kickoff. Ansonia quickly takes advantage with Jordan Gilbert scoring on a 1-yard TD. Kick good. Ansonia 7-0 (Q1-9:49) ... Covington answers ... Bitner to Winston for an 18-yard TD pass. Kick good. Tied 7-7 (Q1-1:53) ... Nofzinger to Reams on a 15-yard halfback pass for a touchdown. Kick good. Covington takes the lead 14-7 (Q2-???) ... Sam Eric (sp?) of Covington gets his third interception of the game. Midway through the fourth quarter. It's not looking good for Ansonia. ... Bubeck throws 2nd interception. Personal foul added to the return. Covington now at Ansonia's 33. (Q2-???) ... Scoring update: Marion Local leads Sidney Lehman 7-0 ... Tyler Nofzinger runs in from 24 yards with just 11 seconds left in the half. Kick good. Covington up 21-7 (Q2-0:11) ... Scoring update: Marion Local now leads 10-0 in the third quarter. ... Ansonia takes the opening kick down the field ... have 4th-and-goal at the 2. Covington holds. Still 21-7 Covington (Q3-5:40) ... Sam Eric (sp?) of Covington with three interceptions. ... Nofzinger win a 39-yard touchdown run. Kick good. Covington 28-7, with 7 minutes to go. ... It's final: Covington 28-Ansonia 7. It's been a great season Ansonia, with a conference championship and a 10-1 record. But tonight's game goes to Covington.

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  1. Wow, I thought Ansonia had a chance to go deep into the playoff's.


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