Friday, January 15, 2010

An angry Conan O'Brien goes off on NBC and Leno

This is pretty funny, though it's a little beyond PG-13, so it won't be embedded here - you'll have to follow this link.


  1. "a baby born the night of our first Tonight Show is now a slightly larger baby..." hilarious.

    Also, this whole thing is likely to be the biggest ratings/interest boost to the late night line up possible. it's also generating some of the funniest bits I've seen in a long time.

    Did he really go off on Leno? Other than impersonating him?

    I hope Conan ends up somewhere visible and unrestricting.

  2. Very funny, although I hope he doesn't burn his bridges. Hurting the network's reputation could be cause for terminating him without severance.

    It's pretty clear NBC and O'Brien won't reach any kind of agreement. I hope he is able to land a deal with Fox for a late night 11:35 of course.

    If NBC tries to keep O'Brien off the air for 3 years, as has been rumored, then I would support an NBC boycott. I wonder, is NBC "too big to fail"?

  3. I don't watch Conan, I don't find him that funny. But, it does seem like NBC and Leno are giving him the shaft. He uproots his family & staff to take over the Tonight Show...Leno moves to 10pm because he thinks that people still want to see him (they didn't). Leno comes back to the Tonight Show because he thinks that he's better than Conan (he's really about the same I guess).
    Johnny Carson must be rolling over in his grave to see "his" show being made into such a mockery.

  4. @Racer,

    I think Conan is hilarious, but i think he really would be suited for a place like Fox. He shines in off color/goof ball comedy with a satirical twist. A lot people don't care for that.

    NBC won't keep him off. I believe i heard another rumor that they have to buy him out @ like $40 million or something outrageous. They'll let him walk and hopefully Fox picks him up for 11pm (since there is no news at 11).

  5. Frankly, I think Leno is a big baby and I don't find him the least bit funny. I've never really watched Conan, I just don't find him funny, either. I much prefer Jimmy Kimmel to the two of them. My favorite is Craig. Give him the Tonight show and call it a THAT man is funny.

  6. I hope Fox does pick him up. I don't watch Fox so that would be like taking him off altogether.


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