Wednesday, January 20, 2010

How they got it all worng

DJ wants you to read this article.


  1. Nice article - government working for the people - new concept? I think it will be sooner than later. I believe the people of this land are starting to wake up. Unfortunately there are many out there that do not have a clue as to what is/has gone on. We need to educate more people and further more, we need to get more people to register to vote. I think we can scare the bejesus out out many with that one right. Thanks DJ

  2. I'm sure the WS and DJ would like to see Brown's win as a legitimization of the Tea Party movement. But, that's spin. Brown won for a lot of reasons. One big reason is that people are angry. That doesn't mean that the Tea Party groups weren't marginal loonies. When people don't have jobs and their net worth is cratering, they don't care about any other issue (including health care). That's the lesson of Brown/Coakley. And, that ain't a new lesson. I am confident that the "government take over of health care" in a state where the government already took over health care (thanks to Mitt), was not a deciding factor other than b/c it was perceived by the people as the government not focusing like a laser on fixing the economy.

  3. I am an Independant, and I beleive that the Tea Party movement in this country is what is shaking these politicians out of their shoes. They(Politicians ) need to be made aware that they work for the people. What we really need to focus on is getting BHO out of office in 2012!


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