Friday, April 30, 2010

"Mastermind" of Darke County home invasion gets big prison time

Don't try this stuff in Darke County ... or you might just get put away for 17 years.

UPDATE: Video report from Steve Baker ...


  1. Justice was served in this case.

  2. Till death in jail is not long enough

  3. 17 Years is not near enough for her. I work in criminal defense and I always try to see why someone did what they did. I have been following this case and there is no justification why she would rob a 71 year old woman. We all make bad choices in our lives, but this woman deserved a lot more than what she received. I am sure in 17 years she will be out doing it all over again. People need to think before they act.

  4. Yeah right like she'll actually serve 17 years… She'll be out in 3-5. I've seen murderer's get out after 7 here in Darke Co.


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