Friday, April 30, 2010

Vote No on Issue 1 (David Barger)

Anyone who has watched the commercials on television and heard them over the radio, have heard the claim that Issue 1 will create jobs. The claim made is that it will create new jobs for Ohioans, but also it will not increase taxes. Sounds like such a great deal, but as the saying goes if it sounds too good to be true, than it probably is. So what is the bill, and what are its intentions.

Issue 1 is designed to give funding for essential research and development. This research and development will be done via universities and companies to create technological advances, new energy sources, and other key areas of development. In a good economic system, with new technology the opportunity for job growth also arises. Again, sounds like a wonderful system, but how does this funding come about?

The funding available for the necessary research and development will come from a yes vote on Issue 1. This funding comes in the form of bonds issued from the State government. In other words, more debt added to the State government, which is struggling already to operate on the budget now. What happens when government has debt that it cannot afford? Tax increases! Although the Issue says it directly will not create new taxes, indirectly this will always be the case under a tight budget. The real question is what two ways does government create jobs? They are created by government agencies and funding to businesses; whether it be a bailouts or bonds in this situation. Those are the only two ways to create jobs with government, and in the end it always results in taxpayer funding.

Another point that Issue 1 supporters have left out, this is a renewal to an issue passed in 2005. The details are summarized here from an Issue 1 support website, “The bond funding mechanism for Third Frontier, approved by Ohio voters in 2005, expires in 2012. Voter approval of Issue 1 will extend funding of this highly successful program through 2016, at a level of $700 million over four years - paving the way for even more job creation and economic development in Ohio in the years to come.”(P.2, Does Ohio need more jobs? Absolutely we need more jobs! How do we get these jobs? Let the private sector take care of itself, government get out of the way and reduce taxes on those who create the jobs. Anytime government spends money to create jobs, it will take more taxpayer money to do so. Even though this issue says it won’t raise taxes, funding will be taken away from other parts of the budget. When the state can’t afford to operate their budget any longer, they will raise taxes. Ohio needs jobs, but let’s leave the research and development, creation of new jobs and industries up to the private sector. I will be voting no on Issue 1 on May 4th.

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