Thursday, May 27, 2010

High stakes political battle brewing in Hillgrove

Pump-gate. ....... UPDATE: Steve Baker adds this video report [click the image] ...


  1. The pump should stay, period. The objectors should drive through Pleasant Hill and then reconsider.

  2. I guess that "Everything old is the new green" doesn't apply here!

  3. The pump is a safety hazard. Times change, your memories are in your heart, not at the pump. Will we wait until there is property damage or a bad accident to accept that our roads and highways should be kept up to date and safe for the vehicles that drive on them today!

  4. I will first acknowledge that I'm an outsider, as I'm sure my thoughts won't be popular with Hillgrove residents, but here goes:

    -The pump isn't the original pump
    -The pump was disconnected so it serves no useful purpose
    -It isn't even an attractive feature, the flowers are more appealing than the pump itself

    Annonymous above is correct. Times change, but whether or not the pump is present the memories will remain. I'm siding with the farmers.

  5. That pump was there way before any of the complaining farmers started farming, generations of farmers have been able to live with it, why can't the current ones?
    Deal with it and quit complaining.

  6. Farming through the generations has changed. Transporting grain used to mean a tractor pulling a wagon, now it means semi trailers. Are we trying to keep memories alive or people and property safe?

  7. "Unsafe"? how many injuries or wrecks have occurred because of the pump?
    None that I know of, and I grew up in UC.
    And more farmers use wagons to this day than semi trailers, all they have to do is either go to the next street and turn, which is not more than a few hundred feet or use Hillgrove Ft. Recovery and UC Beamsville Rd.


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