Thursday, September 30, 2010

Paving done in Arcanum (??)

The question marks are included in the headline as we're relying on third party information. On the facebook page, C.B. declares "paving done in Arcanum." OS sent in the photo below and said Main Street was as smooth as a baby's backside [paraphrasing] all the way to Greenville National Bank. C.B. is very reliable, but taking a cautious approach with OS :)


  1. The paving does seem to be done in Arcanum. Just watch for some of the sewer lids, as they seem to sit well below the asphalt level. I believe they may be low enough to mess with your cars alignment if you hit it right

  2. Gotta agree with that. The in-towners are just swerving around them already! Maybe we should paint TROJAN heads on them?? HAHAHA

  3. People seem to have no patience anymore. Not everyone can be an expert at everything, but everyone does seem to have an opinion about EVERYTHING! People complain when the roads are not good and then they complain when they are! The sewer lids will be lifted to accurate level. So everyone just needs to calm down and stop worrying about how your car might feel when it passes over these spots! I will assure that it WILL BE FINE!!! I personally think all the roads look great! Hey but that's just my opinion

  4. Yeah-The manholes on the South side have still not "leveled up"! And they'll tear them back up 6 times because they don't know what they're doing! How many people can't pay their income tax for this year? 2:00-Go sit back behind your desk and wait to be voted out...Why didn't you sign your name, since you want us to be ASSURED? Less Talk-MORE WALK!


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