Saturday, November 20, 2010


On November 19, 2010 at approximately 8:41 PM the Darke County Drug Task Force consisting of the Darke County Sheriff’s Office and the Greenville Police Department executed a search warrant at 208 Covington Street in the Village of Ansonia. Also responding to the scene was the Village of Ansonia Police Department and the Village of Ansonia Rescue. The Darke County Sheriffs Office Special Response Team made entry into the residence and secured the occupant. One adult male was removed from the residence. Once inside Drug Task Force Officers found evidence that the occupant was involved in trafficking drugs. Officers did remove several pieces of evidence from the residence including several firearms.

The suspect is Sebastian R. Cardenas , age 55 of that address. Cardenas was eventually released from the scene pending charges.

This search warrant stems from over a month long investigation conducted by the Darke County Drug Task Force.

This case remains under investigation.


  1. Suspect "released from the scene". What does that mean and why wasn't he arrested?

  2. Maybe he told them who gave him the drugs. Don't you watch cops. When did these guys go into that flea bag hotel? Wasn't that just last week. Maybe we should be paying these guys more than the state patrol. I thought they said on the news a while back that they shut these guys down because they ran out of money, but you always see the state out writing tickets. Maybe we should get rid of them and get more of the drug cops. I can live with someone speeding. The other stuff is killing our communities.

  3. "huh" over a month long investigation,

  4. Sometimes if the suspect is not healthy medical reasons. They are made to leave the residence but not jail. He will still suffer the consequences of their actions. These bust take awhile they have to investigate and make darn sure it will not get thrown out of court because of not enough evidence. They want to make sure it sticks.


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