Thursday, January 27, 2011

I would love a bedroom that looked like this (by Abraham Lincoln)

I must admit I like this style but what I got is from an era of got to have Cedar Chests; and my bedroom looks like crap. That’s only part of my problem. Have you ever really looked at yourself? I mean, seriously, looked? I don’t think so. I took the time, and no small amount of trouble, this morning, to check myself out. I am not reporting on the size or condition of my private parts or their location, but rather, Abraham Lincoln, President Lincoln’s 3rd Cousin, 3-times removed.

I discovered that I am contributing to the balance of payments problems and the trillion dollar debt we put off on our down-the-road grandchildren’s children.

I discovered my house slippers are made in China. My Indian Moccasins are made in China. My shirt, and it is a nice looking shirt, is made in Korea. My blue jeans were manufactured in Mexico and my PJs are put together in XX Large size over in China. The only thing I am wearing that was made in American is Fruit of the Loom underwear — my shorts! Are you kidding me?

No. It is the sad truth is that oranges no longer come from Florida but from places I can’t even spell. We are living a life that benefits all the nations on the globe but our own and we can thank, Mr. President, William Jefferson Clinton, among a hoard of other, slicker, sicker politicians for the Fair and Free Trade Laws they created shutting down our mills and shoe factories and putting our labor force on welfare while, as President Obama recently said, “plugging-in” China, India and only God knows who else.

Our American Problem — I can get the stuff here: Company Name: wenzhou Good furniture company limited, Contact Person: Ms steven chen, Position/Title: Company Address: no.2, putaopeng ,lucheng district, City: wenzhou, Province/State: zhejiang, Country: China, Zip/Postal Code: 325000, Phone Number: 86-577-86781306, Fax Number: 86-577-86781306


  1. Is the problem that we buy goods from other countries? Or that other countries make better products?

    Other countries beat us in cost of goods, and in some (maybe many) cases they beat us in quality.

    Should I pay a premium for a good because it was produced/manufactured in the USA? Or should I buy a good based on its price and its ability to meet the need that I have for it?

  2. I can tell you when it comes to the automotive industry, chinese and other foreign made products simply aren't comparable. They certainly beat us on price, but they are worlds away in quality.

  3. If we care about the future of your countries economy, you will invest in our own future and not that of another country by purchasing goods made here. We will also take back the pride in the goods and products we produce as a nation. Reject lazy work forces who turn out crap, both here and abroad.

    As consumers, we guide what the companies in our country are enticed to produce. If we show them we accept them importing our product build by the work force of other countries, then it is our own doing.

    Lets look at the root factors which are driving our economy into the arms of other countries and FIX THEM!


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