Wednesday, January 26, 2011

You now have to register a name to comment on

This is the day all of you anonymous commenters have feared. In order to comment, you must now register a name with one of these providers:


  1. Long overdue! Based on some of the shocking comments people post on Facebook under their full real name, I really don't think this is going to hurt DJ any. Aliases are still an option for those with concerns.

  2. Damn it! Now everyone knows my name!

  3. Thanks Gunckle for the 'registering for dummies' tidbit :)

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. I got an account now, posted a message yesterday evening. The only thing nice about it is, if you post a message you can deleate it later as I did to see how it works.
    Moving on from that it only prove's this site no better than any other site, now. I figured in time this would happen hear. theirs just to much political pressure in this community when people speak their thoughts about any issue that comes around. (in my opinion, true or not)

    I remember when this site "came on the air" I Was one of the first longest comments posted on the (readers comments) about this site. It's still posted on this site as advertisment for all to view, as of the date I'm posting this comment. It is now an untrue advertisment this site wishes to show to all who wish to view. But again it is untrue now, false advertisment, and this web site is responsible for what they advertise. So I hope my opinion about this site gets deleated soon before some one complains. It is the 4th from the bottom of the comments , if you wish to read and then you will see my opinion was based on what we can not do now.

  6. how is people knowing you as "insider truth" giving up any sort of anonymity?

    The site isn't any different than it was last week, except people have to use a different made up name than "Anonymous."

  7. look at the 8 comments above yours. there's not a full name in the bunch. you can still be 'anonymous' if you want to take the time to sign in with that name.

    your earlier comment was accurate when made, so i'm keeping it.


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