Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Bunny winners awarded prizes for best drawings

Easy or hard? Answers varied… but all said they had fun drawing their bunnies. The six were winners of Gade Health Care’s annual Bunny Drawing contest.

First Grade winner Hunter Class (Woodland Heights) said it was hard, but she kept drawing until she got it right. “The nose was too big, and the teeth too big,” she said. She added she had to make sure she had room for whiskers and big ears.

Second Grade winner Hannah Hartzell (Ansonia Elementary) also said it was hard. “I had to erase a lot,” she said. The hardest part? “Oh, that was the tail.”

Holly Beasley (First Grade, Covington Elementary) said she thought it was pretty easy. She drew two before she had the one that was best. She added that her grandma saw the story in the paper and told her about the contest because she knew “I like to draw.”

“The ears were too big… it looked like a mouse,” Elise Hays (Second Grade, Homeschool) said. “I had to draw three before I got the right one.”

Laine Brickler (Second Grade, Woodland Primary) drew his bunny from “Hop,” a recently released movie. He drew two and all of his family judged which one they liked best. “They all disagreed,” he said. He thought it was easy. The one he liked won.

Elliot Wackler (First Grade, Arcanum Elementary) drew a monster bunny first. “It was fun,” he said, and it was his favorite. “I liked that one better, but this one won.”

Tim Gade, Administrator of Gade Health Care Center, Greenville, awarded the prizes to the six students for drawing the top three bunnies in their grade levels. More than 50 drawings had been judged by GHCC residents to get the top six. All contestants are to be congratulated for their entries… they made the judging a tough one.

Parents may request digital photos (no charge) of their child by calling GHCC at 937-548-1993.

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