Sunday, May 8, 2011

Send Mother's Day Greetings to Your Mom Through Darke Journal

Darke Journal's "Happy Mother's Day to the Mothers of Darke County!" has now been moved to its own page!

Click here to view it

Remember, send in your photo and dedication to your mother and we will add it to the page! Send the photo and dedication to

In honor of Mother's Day, send to Darke Journal what your mom means to you. This could be a short tribute, or simply a quick "Happy Mother's Day." We'll post what is submitted throughout the day.

In addition to your tributes, feel free to send in pictures to go with it. With enough participation, we can have one nice big tribute to the mom's of Darke County. Leave your name if you wish it to appear along with the tribute.

Here's an example:
"Happy Mother's Day, mom! Even though I'm all grown up and have a child of my own, I still just need my mom from time to time. Thanks for being there!"
Send your tribute and a photo to and we will publish them throughout the day tomorrow!

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