Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Guest Column from State Representative Richard Adams

Focusing on Job Creation in Ohio

Since the beginning of the new legislative session in January, the Ohio House of Representatives has made job creation a primary focus. In recent years, our state has suffered from crippling unemployment rates and a steady exodus of businesses to more economically attractive states. While these trends have begun to turn around, we still have a long way to go in order to have a booming job market and a healthy economy.

In the coming months and years, I am confident that Ohio will reach new heights of economic development. I am able to say this with such conviction because of the huge strides the state legislature has already made this General Assembly. The innovation of the jobs-focused legislation passed by the House so far is truly something of which all Ohioans can be proud. We are steadily making our way down a road paved with potential for economic prosperity and sustainability.

The first bill passed by the state legislature this year created JobsOhio, the new private, not-for-profit entity focused on economic growth. Working in tandem with the Ohio Department of Development (ODOD), it will offer a lean, responsive approach to economic development that is more responsive to small businesses’ needs. In this way, we can give Ohio businesses a competitive edge and attract jobs inside our borders from other states.

Our state operating budget further strengthens JobsOhio by providing it with a revenue stream and clarifying its functions and purpose. This will help JobsOhio to reach its full potential in its effort to promote job creation.

The Ohio House instituted additional tax relief with the passage of House Bill 58. In the next three fiscal years, this legislation will save Ohio’s citizens an estimated $48.5 million. Moreover, it will give out-of-work Ohioans an additional 20 weeks to receive the maximum benefits of their unemployment compensation. This provision will affect the lives of nearly 175,000 Ohio residents. In addition to helping individuals, this bill also simplifies the state tax code, giving Ohio a more business-friendly atmosphere.

Alongside this tax code amendment, the House passed other legislation aimed at promoting business success. House Bill 94 formed the Common Sense Initiative Office, which will review rules and regulations to ensure that they do not hinder business growth. If companies are free from unnecessary government costs and constraints, they will be able to flourish and create more jobs. In another area, the transportation budget contributes to job retention, allocating significant funds to the Public Works Commission so that it may sustain nearly 30,000 jobs.

This diverse collection of legislation will go a long way toward inducing job creation, encouraging business growth and heralding economic rejuvenation. I am extremely pleased by the work we have accomplished so far, and my colleagues and I at the Statehouse will continue our efforts with the same vigor and determination that brought forth this exciting progress. I personally pledge to keep Ohio’s job market and economy in the forefront of my mind as we move forward in this legislative session.

Rep. Adams may be reached by calling (614) 466-8114, e-mailing, or writing to State Rep. Richard Adams, 77 South High Street, Columbus, Ohio 43215.


  1. passing SB 5 and not giving unions so much money and power will definetly help Ohio get out of debt. I think it will also help create more jobs also.

    Unions ruin so many companies and states it's not even funny! They don't need to go totally. They are probably still needed to protect employees, but they don't need this much money and power! Pass SB 5 and don't believe the FUD that democrats and union works are spewing around!!!!

  2. SB5 is simply a ploy to lesson union influence in politics. It has little to do with the budget. I hate unions too and would like to see their power in industry lessoned but for the right reasons, not so someone can continue to hold political power. Don't believe the "FUD" from either side of the aisle. They all will do whatever they can to stay in power, including things that will hurt the average citizen. Anyone can make kool-aid.

  3. The unions are nothing but the financing and fundraising arm for the Democrat party. Period. That is why they are fighting so hard to prop them up.

    Please, anyone, show me a company SAVED by a union. Unions only harm the companies they slither their in to. Unions played their part 100-50 years ago, not anymore, not since they stopped being about the rank and file and became all about pushing political agendas.

  4. BE,

    You are right. The unions do help finance the Dems. That's why the Repubs want them out, not because of budget issues. You just proved the point! Thanks!

  5. I also proved why they need to go. They have no place in today's world.

  6. BE; What you mean to say is that the Democrats have no place in today's world.

  7. No, but Democrats should have to rely on donations like the right does, not getting it forcefully removed from workers pockets regardless of their political affiliation.

    Way to be overly dramatic though, but, true, with no Democrats, we would be at least 5 trillion less in debt currently. :)

  8. Your almighty wonder, Reagan, never ever even proposed a balanced budget. But of course the truth would ruin your fantasy world

    I agree. If only the dems could get money from the big business boys like the koch brothers who pay for misinformation so that BE has something to listen to everyday. Then they would be like the Repubs.


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