Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Ohioans Should Have the Freedom to Determine Fate of Health Care Mandates

State Representative Jim Buchy today expressed disappointment that despite unanimous support from the House Republican Caucus, the Ohio House failed to pass Senate Joint Resolution 1, which would propose an amendment to the Ohio Constitution to preserve the freedom of Ohioans to choose their health care and health care coverage. In order for this resolution to successfully pass from the House, only one additional vote from the minority caucus was necessary; however, partisan motives obstructed this common-sense initiative.

Commonly known as the Ohio Health Care Freedom Act, S.J.R. 1—and its House companion bill, House Joint Resolution 2—would allow the citizens of Ohio to vote on whether to prohibit any law or rule from forcing any person, employer or health care provider to participate in a health care system.

“I respect the ability of Ohioans to choose what is in their Constitution,” Representative Buchy said. “I am disappointed that not one Democrat could stand up against the big-brother mentality that has been exhibited by proponents of Obamacare. This is a decision that should be left to the citizens.”

Had S.J.R. 1 received just a single Democrat vote, the issue of whether Ohioans should be forced by the federal government to purchase health insurance would have appeared on the November ballot. However, despite the duty of a state representative to reflect those back home, the House Democrats chose instead to act as a barrier between the federal government and the people.

As a caucus, the House Republicans believe that all Ohioans should have a choice of whether or not they should be forced into government-run health care or if they should have the freedom to choose their own health care in the marketplace.

“Citizens should not be fined for failure to have health insurance,” Representative Buchy said. “Since its inception, Obamacare has catered to interest groups and Democrat donors by providing an exception to more than 1,400 organizations, big businesses and unions. As a supporter of Ohio’s small business, I believe this exemption should be available to everyone.”

A Quinnipiac Poll following the passage of the health care overhaul in 2010 found that Ohioans opposed these federal mandates 56 to 33 percent. The passage of S.J.R. 1 would have respected the vast majority of Ohioans by permitting the option of including a constitutional amendment on the November 8, 2011 ballot.

According to this constitutional amendment, no law or rule may force any person, employer or health care provider to participate in a health care system, prohibit the purchase or sale of health care or health insurance, or impose a penalty or fine for the purchase or sale of health care or health insurance. It also stated that these provisions are to preserve the freedom of Ohioans to choose their own health care and health care coverage, based on the best interests and unique situations of their own families.


  1. I fail to see the difference between citizens being fined for failing to have health insurance and citizens being fined for failing to wear a seat belt.

  2. I'll help you out Jim. The government is not forcing you to buy your seat belt, just to wear it.

  3. Thank you captian obvious!!!

    Apparently it's not obvious to all! lol. Can't wait till Obummer-Care is repealed!

    Tell Pelosi, we've seeing what's in it, and we are still continuing to find out what's in it MONTHS later! What a freakin mess!! So many companies trying to get a waiver for it and people still support it. STUPID!!

  4. Capt. Obvious: Au contrare! The government does in fact force seat belts to be installed in all vehicles.

  5. Health care was addressed because the costs are out of control and the overall system was broke beyond compare. Then politics ruined putting together a good alternative. So here we are with a system that is still pathetic and an alternative no one wants. Great work, Congress!

    So now what do you vote for? Going back to before when it was terrible and getting worse? How about Congress thinking of the average person and actually coming up with a good alternative. Saying no to everything helps no one!

    And the politicians (both sides of the aisle) keep talking and talking and talking....and doing nothing, and doing nothing and doing nothings but things are great as long as they keep getting elected, and keep getting elected and keep getting elected.......

    and even term limits don't stop them, right Mr. Buchy?

  6. Purchasing a vehicle is a choice. And yes, every government safety requirement adds to the price of that vehicle. But driving is also a choice, and in order to engage in such activity you must follow the law.

    Being forced to purchase coverage or be fined is not a choice, it's a tax.

    I completely agree with Buchy on this.

  7. Surber, the point is....and you know this. Nobody is forced to buy a car or drive one. Apples and oranges.

  8. "This is a decision that should be left to the voters." I thought the voters had already decided this. President Obama ran on a platform of affordable heath care for everyone. Democrats won the White House, the house and the senate, so what happened? Foolish question. Does "cry baby throwing a fit on the floor of the House of Representatives" ring a bell?

    Jim, those "partisan" motives are a pain in the ass when you are on the other side, aren't they?

    I'm really disappointed in you this time around. Never really thought you like KoolAid so much.

  9. As a Democrat and a resident of Ohio, I am disspointed in Ohio Senate approval of reducing the prison inmate population. Instead of serving time in prision for their crimes, non-violent inmates will be eligiable to serve time in community-based centers. Wonder if Greenville will be a candidate for this project?

  10. Funny thing is, since Obamacare was signed into law, healthcare rates have INCREASED. Companies are lining up to dump their employees into the government pools. But what about Barry's promise that if you were happy with your coverage you could keep it? I guess that was just another 'glitch' like the one they just uncovered this week.

    I guess that is what happens when you have to first sign the bill, to know what is in it, right Nancy?

  11. Once again BE declares facts that are not present. In case he wasn't aware, healthcare rates have been going up in double-digit rate increases for years, that's one reason the whole issue has come up in the first place. And no one that I talk to in business is "lining up to dump their employees into the government pools" as he describes. Just more fear mongering from someone who apparently knows very little about what is really going on. Keep listening to the far right without checking the facts.

  12. You are missing the point.. When Barry signed this law, he promised healthcare rates would drop from the start, so your argument is off-point. And well, since you obviously talk to and know everyone, they should all be consulting you.

    30% of companies already say they will drop their employee coverage. So no, if you like your healthcare, you still won't have a choice.

    I only hope they get this horrible and unconstitutional law repealed or unfunded before it does anymore damage and slides us further into the moocher welfare state than we already have become.

  13. When in doubt use a conservative website to "prove" that conservative websites are telling the truth.

    Don't know everyone but I know enough people in this area to know that 30% is a bullsh*t made up number. Most of Obamacare hasn't even been put into play yet but you all know it's bad for the USA. Man I wish I could foresee the future like you! Watch something else besides FOX


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