Saturday, June 18, 2011

Jesse Green Speaks to American Legion Post 140

On Thursday evening, June 16, Jesse Green gave a slide show account of his time in Iraq in support of Operation Iraq Freedom in 2008 at Al Asad Air Base in Al Anbar Province. He was the speaker for the American Legion Post 140 meeting in Greenville.

Mr. Green spoke of the sandstorms and arid landscape of this part of Iraq; about the living conditions of the troops stationed there; and the biblical ancient history of the region. He talked about the efforts to provide security around the facilities and living quarters of the Marines and Army contingents.

Mr. Green was the Army’s senior legal advisor for the entire western sector of Iraq, and received the Bronze Star Medal for his military service. He is currently serving as Command Staff Judge Advocate for the 73rd Troop command in Columbus. He is presently assistant Prosecutor in Darke County. He and his family live in Greenville.


  1. Doesn't Mr. Green look like a politician?

  2. He looks like a judge to me.

  3. Not exactly a politician---- more like an honored Iraq veteran and generally good guy!

  4. How does a lawyer win a combat citation, bronze star? By throwing himself on a hot deposition?

  5. He wins that by serving in a combat zone piled high with sandbags and roadside bombs everywhere. With having to wear bullet-proof vests, helmets, and a side arm in 120 degree heat. And by protecting the rights of the Marines and soldiers stationed in that section of Iraq.

  6. Many former vets might disagree.


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