Wednesday, July 27, 2011

“Back The Wave” Scheduled for August 10th

Greenville City Schools student athletes, in conjunction with the Greenville Athletic Boosters, will be holding their annual fundraising event, traditionally known as “Back the Wave”, on Wednesday evening, August 10th.

This door-to-door annual fundraiser is sponsored by the Greenville Athletic Boosters, an organization vitally interested in promoting and encouraging the activities and athletic programs of Greenville City Schools. This organization feels athletics is a worthy cause. The ideals of sportsmanship and competition instilled in these young athletes carry into their adult lives, helping them to establish and accomplish personal, college, and professional goals.

For a $3 donation, you will receive a Greenville Green wave decal and a Greenville High School and Junior High School sports schedule.

Student athletes and parent representatives will begin the event at 5:00 from Greenville High School.


  1. Please don't send these kids door to door begging for money. It is annoying and bothersome and last year the kids were rude. If you want your kid to play sports you pay for it.

  2. Athletics are a fantastic part of our community and our school system. If this is the best option for them to raise funds while trying to increase school spirit/pride, good on them.

    It's sad that this is your reaction.

  3. There is no place for that in this Community, They are not begging for money either. In fact giving them four quarters of change is better than saying you have no money at all then buying cigarettes later.

    I am not telling you how to spend money but there has to be a change.

  4. Should they also get off of your lawn?

  5. Now if only most parents cared as much about their education as they do stupid sports. Go look at any of the 17 countries that currently outperform ours, and their students are cool for being intelligent, for getting good grades. It is only here that the smart kids are made fun o while the kid who can dribble a ball is held up like a role model.

    I agree with the first comment, you want your kids to play, YOU pay for it. Maybe if it was for an educational field trip or something else that would, you know educate them, I would have no problem kicking in some money, but sports doesn't do a thing for a child's education.

  6. Actually I think that most of the parents who can afford to pay for the kids would pay for them to play sports it is not that we want other peoples money. But we are trying to help get the other kids involved in positive activities so that they don't get in trouble.
    I correct you in the fact that sport do help a child's education. Sport and extra-circular activities make kids not healthier and also makes them more well balanced. I know that football or basketball may not be for all people but activities outside the classroom are important to a students development socially and intellectually.
    I really think you need to do some research on that before you go down grounding sports and it's value to a child's education.

    Also I would be more than happy to have to a single fund raiser but I do it to help our those kids that are less fortunate. I would be glad to pay to play for my kids but then there would be so many not able to participate because they can't afford it. I think there are a lot of parents that feel the same way.

    I hope you reconsider your thoughts on supporting your community athletics!!!!!!

  7. just saying...........

    I don't even know what to say to that comment..... have you failed to think before you speak.

    I played three sports in high school, one in which I now play at the college level. You have to be close minded to think sports are not an educational value. Sports teach you leadership, commitment, responsibility and the list could go on.

    Mercer County not only outperforms your so called perfect student in academics but also in athletics. If you want the truth that is it right there.

    Money is by far the least of this city's problems.

  8. Really? Because I don't remember ONCE being asked in a job interview what my field goal percentage was, or how many touchdowns I scored.

    Take your blinders off, our children are getting walked on when it comes to a proper education, compared to other countries, we look like dullards. Sports will not correct that. You can see the effects in our society, sports players are held up like big heros and smart, nerdy types are mocked and made fun of.

    The reality is that the majority of our kids graduate, both from high school and college with educations that leave them utterly incapable of competing for most high tech positions.

    Do you think it is a coincidence that when you step into most IT departments, that there is a large majority of employees who immigrated here?

    Open your eyes, this country is quickly becoming a laughing joke.

  9. Just saying...

    Once again that is where you are slightly mistaken, sports have not done anything. It is the poor curriculum in which we teaching our kids. It has nothing to with an athletic field or stadium.

    Schools across this nation are passing anyone, because they refuse to take the time to actually teach. You think Baltimore Public System numbers suck because of sports?!?!

    No they are low b/c poor standard of education by a number of administrators and teachers has led to the public education system to its knees. If you fail in China, you become a nobody and you don't even go to school.

    Yet in this Country EVERYONE deserves an education. You better starting looking at a much bigger picture of what student athletes really are b/c you the WORST stereotype I have ever seen.

  10. Once again you miss the point entirely..

    I was speaking of how athletes are held up as to be respected, while the bookworms, and the straight A students are not, and if they are, they are not nearly as doted upon by the faculty and the school body. THAT was the point I was attempting to make.

    Our society, schools and mindset place athletics before education, and yes, the curriculum does play a huge part in that, but society plays a much larger role. You need only turn on your television and see how athletes are held up as if they are heroes.

    The multiple countries that dominate our students education wise, they do not have that societal aspect, they place just as much value on education, and learning as they do on sports, if not more, and their students show it, as opposed to ours.

    If we do not change, both the cirriculum and the way society looks at learning, we will truly be in trouble.

    Think it isn't going to effect us? Look how the US is already falling behind in most of the major fields of technology, look at where some of the best and brightest in the technology fields are coming from, (here is a hint, they aren't natural born Americans).

    We as a society have become so enamored by fame, and celeb that our kids have learned that it is much more important to be the sports star, than to be the bookworm.


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