Saturday, July 16, 2011


GREENVILLE – To expose yard-sale enthusiasts and flea market aficionados to Greenville, the county seat of Darke County, the 127 Business Route will be featured during the World’s Longest Yard Sale, August 4 – 7, 2011.

Traveling from north to south, the 127 Business Route begins on Greenville Celina Road travels into town on Wagner Avenue to East Main Street around the traffic circle onto South Broadway and then right onto Washington Avenue. The route continues on Pine Street, left onto Sweitzer Street and back to US 127 via St. Rt. 49 south.

With the majority of this route being within the city limits, Greenville City Council agreed to waive the garage sale permit process for this event. If you have questions, call the City of Greenville at (937) 548-1819.

If you are interested in holding a yard sale on US 127 or on the 127 Business Route, and would like to advertise your sale, please contact The Daily Advocate and The Early Bird.

Editor's Note: You can submit your ad to Darke Journal as well. It will remain free of charge. We will label it as being part of the "World's Longest Yard Sale" event and post a link to the list of all of the ads we received for the event here on our main page.


  1. should have picked another time for greenville community garage sales!
    most everybody will be out of town,shopping along 127.

  2. How can council waive an ordinance. Council said ordinance could not be waived for bb gun use in city limits for Miss Annie Oakley competition. Does a ordinance have to be repealed in order not to be in effect? Hopefully somebody with a knowledge of how this works can post an answer for me. Thanks.

  3. Having to have a permit for any garage sale is a joke. Anytime someone wants to sell what they own
    shouldn't have to have approval to do so.
    Just another rule of living in town.


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