Friday, August 5, 2011

‘First Fridays’ Heat Up –August 5

The streets of downtown Greenville will again ignite on August 5 during ‘First Fridays’ from 6:00 pm –9:00 pm.

‘First Fridays’ is a new downtown activity bringing people to the core of the community to socialize, enjoy activities, demonstrations, food, and music in an historic downtown setting late at night.

Some of the activities for this “First Friday” include a cooking class at KitchenAid Experience with C.J. Jasenski and Bev Baker at 6:30 pm; make your own Nelly Cuddle, therapeutic stuffed animals, at Readmore’s Hallmark; cruising on Broadway; and Flicks on 5th,a free outdoor movie on East Fifth St. to begin at dusk.

Not sure where to start your “First Fridays’ journey? Here’s a recommended itinerary:

  1. Dine at a downtown establishment. Downtown restaurants offer an array of foods to satisfy any appetite from delicious pastas, pizza, salads, steaks, burritos, stir fry and more.
  2. Stroll down Broadway partaking in sidewalk demonstrations and in-store activities.
  3. Hop in your car and cruise Broadway and around the circle. Mingle with friends and neighbors.
  4. Pop the trunk and get your lawn chairs out for Flicks on 5th showing of ‘The Wizard of Oz.’ Save your spot on East 5th Street before having an after dinner treat at numerous sweet spots downtown.

Over 25 businesses are participating in ‘First Fridays.’ They include AMS Uniforms, Ann's Gifts, Candy Bouquet, Cavalier Clothing, China Garden, Country Primitives, Countryside Bike Shop, D' Alessios, Danny's Place, Double M Diner, Fair Photo Express, Granny's Corner, Gray's Comics, Janet's Bakery, Kay Lee Handbags, KitchenAid Experience, Little Italian Cafe, Merle Norman, Michael's Clocks, Montage Cafe, Pamela's, Readmore's Hallmark, Sweet Annie's Cabin, Sweet One O One, The Bistro Off Broadway, The Bootery, The Don's Pizza, The Ivy League, Wayne Cinema, Wieland Jewelers and Youniques.

First Fridays is sponsored by Main Street Greenville, a non-profit organization committed to stimulating and supporting revitalization efforts, historic preservation and economic growth in Historic Downtown Greenville. To learn more, visit or call 937-548-4998.


  1. This concept was used where I used to live in Maryland as well "Friday After Five" it brought our downtown back to life and it was a great family evening activity do to. But I think you need more entertainment than just stores doing something. The movie is good but that only reaches out to kids. You need something else to keep adults around after they eat as well how may times can you see the same store? Live bands or comedians something to really draw a crowd would be great! It is a great idea and I will gladly be in attendance to help support our community!

  2. This was stolen from Canton... Good idea though!!!!

  3. I agree with Tanya R-it would be great to see more entertainment elements added. Acoustic musicians performing would be an added draw as would opening the sidewalks to outdoor dining.I believe some ordinances may need looking at before opening up the dining option though. We could also approach events within the arts which would stimulate more traffic. What about a sidewalk chalk art display similar to the ones staged in places like Carmel, Indiana, Berkley or Larimar Square in Denver? Troy regularly presents different sculpture series which present a respective draw. A children's art show would be wonderful. A Friday night farmers market for this month would have been fabulous.

    I do not agree with viewing the borrowing of good ideas from other communities as a negative. What is wrong with taking a proven idea and making it productive for your community? These days, it is more and more difficult to do something truly original, so why not target something simple if it works? Tapping into the collective consciousnesses is sharing in a pool of a much greater "think tank" of ideas. It could benefit our community in many ways to be open to consider input that does not originate from our perspective, but of that of another perspective.

    Even on that note, the Greenville area is gifted with many great thinkers who each have a unique perspective. It would serve us well if we learned to pool those ideas, step aside from the posturing and confrontation during moments of difference and learn to make those ideas work TOGETHER.

  4. I beleive there are people in this community who want to make a difference and there are people who are doing excellent things. There are also alot of people who don't like change and who are very pessimistic, unfortunatly it seems that their voices are louder than the positive ones. I would like to remind everyone of the old addage, if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say it at all.

  5. my momma taught me to speak the truth and point out your BS. While the after hours idea is nice it has already passed- 1 business open past 7 and no people up town.

  6. there was people up there tonight!! sorry, your negativity isn't working!! and i was up there in august with my kids and my dog. there were plenty of businesses open around 830 or 9!


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