Friday, August 5, 2011

6-7 Year Old Nature Camp Held

Knee Deep in Nature Summer Camp was recently held at the Darke County Park District. The week began with a short interpretation of the floras of Darke County. Campers participated in plant charades, a plant scavenger hunt and were able to make and take home a self-watering planter, which is already showing signs of life! Birds were the topic of the next day. Sean Connor, a naturalist from Hueston Woods State Park, brought in a few rehabilitated raptors for the campers to see up close. The birds included a red-tailed hawk named, ‘The Colonel’, a great-horned owl named ‘Carlos’ and a screech owl named ‘Elvira’. Hueston Woods State Park houses one of the largest Raptor Rehabilitation programs in the state. The next day, campers got wet and muddy! They hopped into Greenville Creek to see what they could find. Since we were already wet, they finished the day by playing with water balloons. Insects then invaded the Nature Center when Dr. Insecta paid a visit and each camper received a pass to see his show. On the last day of camp, everyone got up close and personal with the Herps in the Live Classroom. Each camper was brave enough to pet a snake. The whole week was Knee Deep in fun while learning about the natural world that surrounds us. For more information about other programs offered by the Darke County Parks, visit our website at or call 937.548.0165.

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