Friday, July 29, 2011

Local Festivals Highlight Upcoming Weekend

The upcoming weekend will surely not leaving you wanting of things to do in Darke County.

Beginning on Friday, the annual Annie Oakley Days Festival will be taking place again at the Great Darke County Fairgrounds. You can visit their official website here, and find a full schedule of events here. In addition to visitng and checking out the many sights, you can also participate in the "Photo Shoot Out" that we told you about here. Registration for the photo competition is on Wednesday and Thursday, and more details can be found in the original article linked above.

As if that were not enough to keep you busy this weekend...

Saturday and Sunday will see the premiere of the new festival "The Gathering at Garst: A Garden of Antiques and Art." This event will take place at the Garst Museum grounds. You can visit their site here to learn more details including a schedule and listing of vendors and entertainment. We've already shared with you the great food, artists, musicians, and gardeners that will be on hand, in addition to many other attractions worth checking out. Note: Saturday's Farmer's Market will be at the Gathering, rather than its usual spot on Broadway by the courthouse.

Stop by these festivals and lend them your support. Encourage friends and family from out of town to stop by, take in the festival, visit some of Greenville's great local businesses and see the side of Greenville we're all proud of.


  1. Don't forget that Saturday Morning at 8:30 is the Breast Cancer Awareness 5K run/walk. Come out to cheer on all the participants. It is going to be a hot one!

  2. Gathering at Garst is wonderful. Why not bring it all back to Garst next yr and if you combine the 2 it will fill the Garst grounds just like the old days! I talked with alot of people at the gathering and they were pleased. The only thing that puzzled me there was not alot of food vendors but over all quite impressive. Job well done committee!!

  3. Congratulations to the Gathering at Garst team. Job well done.

    Has anyone been to the Heritage Festival? They have a good policy of allowing only non profits selling food, with only one type of food peer vendor. It's a good money raiser for them, and the food is great. I would suggest that for future Gatherings.

  4. flea market items are flea market items, no matter what they are!
    i didnt have good enough,so called flea market items for the gathering at i was not allowed to set up!besides, what up with having to have home owners insurance, on your market spot?
    i'd much rather be at the fair grounds, anyways...

  5. Thank you to everyone who has contributed positive response and support! We are constantly striving to improve our event for next year and the future and your input it greatly appreciated. We contacted a list of food vendors nearly three dozen strong for this years event and many had a wait and see approach to gauge our approach and see how this years event progressed, since we had only launched our planning schedule in February. Several others had prior engagements or simply didn't not follow through on getting various application requirements turned in, and two had to cancel due to staffing issues on their end. Many have made a commitment to join us next year when they have more time to organize for the best presentation.

    We are already in talks with Chef Michael Deligatto from Michael Anthony's at The Inn for next year. Mike was unable to make it out this year as they were preparing their new woodfired Pizza operation so they could be up and running.

    We gladly welcome your helpful comments and input to improve next years event. Any organization or individuals wishing to submit for consideration to next years event my forward their contact to:

    All proof of insurance requirements are necessitated as a regulatory amendment to the Garst Museum's liability insurance as a registered non-profit.

    Unfortunately regulatory measures have increased throughout our lives as a result of insurers burdens due to excessive extraneous litigation. Plain and simple, if we plan to have an event on our end, we must require it. Many of our vendors sold out of the merchandise they sold today and plan to recoup tomorrow with additional items to sale.

    It was a money making day for the vast majority of the folks involved, with customers streaming in to pick up goods they had bought from our vendors. Montage sold nearly 100 lbs of ribs and Lipps Smackin'Good sold over 30 lbs of pulled pork in only 2 1/2 hours. We had to call Buchy's in to save the day and provide them with enough to last the rest of the weekend.

    Thanks Kate!

    Community reaction was outstanding and the energy of the event was exceptionally positive. Attendees offered their praises to many of our event staff and vendors throughout the day and expressed their wish for us to continue with our efforts next year.

  6. i went to the garst,to look for some kind of old antiques to display in my home, but there wasnt one vendor selling old collectibles.
    only thing i saw was businesses advertizing there business and products,
    i went to the fair grounds and there was the vendors i was looking for,old collectables and fair prices too!

  7. wow- went to Buchys food service to get pulled pork- what is special about that?

  8. The trip to the fairgrounds was nothing short of disappointing. Many of the "vendors" were complaining about the cost of the spot and lack of customers. And making it clear they wouldn't be returning period. On the other hand the Gathering while offering different type products came as welcoming group of vendors, and more than happy for the most part to be a part of the group with hopes it remains at it's location where everyone I've talked a more then thrilled to see it back where it all started without charging increasingly growing gate prices when offering less and less for that money. Especially when the 127 garage sale is a week later and it too is free.


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