Friday, August 12, 2011

P4P Announces FRAM Group, Formerly Honeywell CPG, To Maintain Greenville Operations

GREENVILLE, OHIO – City and county development officials have announced that Rank Group Limited, who completed their purchase of Honeywell’s CPG Division of Honeywell this August, will maintain its Greenville operations.

The decision means the 181 positions at the FRAM plant, as well as the 851 Jackson Street facility itself, will remain a vibrant part of the county’s manufacturing base. The oil filter producers are the fourth largest manufacturing employer in Darke County and have been a part of the Greenville community since 1949.

“This is special. It means a lot to the city to know that production will continue at the site and that the new owners appreciate what Greenville contributes to the FRAM brand name,” said Greenville Mayor Mike Bowers. “We have truly appreciated our relationship with FRAM to this point and look forward to establishing one with Rank as well.”

Along with the KitchenAid stand-mixer, the FRAM brand is a part of Greenville tradition and a huge part of a large number of local households. Plant officials stated that, heading into 2011, the average FRAM employee had been at the Jackson Street site for more than 30 years. The building is also the largest manufacturing site under one roof in Darke County, measuring just less than 600,000 square feet.

“There’s a long tradition at the site and its occupation is important to the south side of town,” explained Darke County Economic Development Director Marc Saluk. “The city’s administration, the state of Ohio, and local FRAM personnel themselves all worked well together on this transition.”

Many specific plans for the future of the site are still being discussed. For now production will continue uninterrupted as officials work on the ownership transition.


  1. CONGRADULATIONS!!!! This is really good news for the many employees that are still there.
    I am a retired person from that facility having spent 43 plus years there.
    The amount of employers that have remained in operation and with a work force with that amount of average seniority is rare in this day and age.
    It would have been very devistating for the employees there if they was to have to enter the job search market.

  2. While this is great news, the average time in the plant of 30 years is due to the lay off of 100's.........

  3. Good grief. Some people are NEVER happy.


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