Friday, August 12, 2011

League of Women Voters 2011 Tour of Homes

League of Women Voters members planning the details for the 2011
Tour of Homes are l. to r. Shirla Neff, Karen Brooks,
Diane Johnson, Jan Boyer, Janey Christman,
Holly finnarn and Mary Bankson.
Once again Darke County League of Women Voters (LWV) is preparing for exciting tours of three Darke County homes on Sunday, September 25 from 1 to 5. The homeowners in each of the three homes have used unique styles and treatments that will provide limitless ideas and inspiration to visitors taking the 2011 LWV Tour of Homes.

Opening their homes for this years’ Tour are Angela and Mike Ditmer, 9911 Grubs-Rex Road, Laura, Gloria and Donald Rich, 19 Parkdale Drive, Arcanum, and Erin and Nathan Miley, 6115 Palestine-Union City Road, Greenville.

Tickets will be available at several county businesses. The cost of touring all three homes on the LWV 2011 Tour of Homes is $7.00 for presale and $10 at the door on the day of the Tour.

The home tour committee is working with the homeowners, setting up press previews of the homes, arranging traffic paths for the tours and parking for visitors’ vehicles. Volunteers will be present in each home to help point out the home’s unique features, direct traffic and answer questions.

The League is excited about this year’s Tour of Homes after taking a year off since the last Tour was shortened due to severe weather. This is the group’s major fundraiser that allows for public information meetings such as Candidates Nights, the early spring public meeting in which Judge Monnin presented information about eminent domain, and the public forum of a year ago on CO2 Sequestration.

Upcoming events planned include this year’s Candidate’s Night (October 24) and public information meetings regarding Senate Bill 5/Issue 2 and ethics in public office.

For questions or further information, call event chairman Diane Johnson at (937) 547-3339.


  1. So, LWV featured judicial candidate, Julie Monnin at a big meeting---when are you giving equal time to Jesse Green? Or are you just a liberal organization?>

  2. You didn't expect fairness, did you? There is not a single conservative in this group.

  3. Barb,
    It is people like you that help preserve the mean-spirited, partisan bickering that is so counter-productive for all of us. I hope your candidate does not share your prejudice.

  4. "unbiased???"
    Oh, yes, I'm prejudiced against organizations who claim to be "neutral" and then allow special treatment for their members only. You bet I don't approve of that---if it were reversed, "unbiased", then what would you say? Clearly, you are not unbiased if you think that is fair. At least I use my name---what is yours?

  5. My name is "Disgusted."

  6. Barb,
    I agree with unbaised. There are at least 3 republicans in this story's photo. Does being a republican not set well with you these days?

  7. What does party have to do with it? The Republican party has some RINO members and the co-president of LWV is a friend of Mrs. Monnin. If one candidate is shuttled off to March (after the election) doesn't anyone else think that's unfair? "Unbiased": surely you mean "disgusting"? Afraid to use your real name?

  8. Is this the same Barb who here on DJ called Keith Smith "Festus", and Dave Niely, an "Old Man", right after Jason posted NO MORE Name calling, during the last election. You didn't mind getting special treatment, did you! Shame on you if this is you! Your lack of respect for others is sad.

  9. I think we all know who "unbiased observer" well as anonymous @ 1:31pm. No big secret there. Personally, I don't need the grief from those children (as they are quite vindictive), but Thank You, Barb for having more courage than they do!

  10. Actually, I don't know who unbiased observer is. I am just an average voter, and not an "insider". This kind of petty behavior & name calling from BOTH sides is what sours voters on the political process.

    Negative comments from supporters tend backfire & hurt the candidate at the voting booth. Just something to remember, folks.

  11. 6:02 p.m.
    No, that was D.H. who was calling names once upon a time.

  12. Barb......You are the real deal! Thank God for people like you -- I love your moxy! :) The "others" should just admit her they are.....but they simply do not have the strength of character to do so! At least YOU are honest, and I respect that immensely!


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