Monday, August 1, 2011


GREENVILLE – The Darke County Visitors Bureau was honored to take State Tourism Director, Amir Eylon on a whirlwind tour of Darke County.

Executive Director of the Darke County Visitors Bureau, Deanna York showed Mr. Eylon the highlights of the county beginning with the Legendary Sidewalk Sales during Annie Oakley Days in downtown Greenville. Thousands of people make downtown Greenville their destination this week for the sale offers and discounts that are given by the merchants. KitchenAid Experience is the highlight of the sales with hundreds of KitchenAid appliances and gadgets on sale. They even give away gadgets and “kitchen bucks” to the first 200 guests. “The KitchenAid Experience was a fantastic experience for a foodie like me,” stated Mr. Eylon, a Northmont graduate. “Culinary tourism continues to be a big draw for travelers, and KitchenAid along with the surrounding farms for locally sourced produce fit right into that niche.”

Tourism Citizen of the Year and retired Director of the Garst Museum, Penny Perry hosted a grand tour of the museum, specifically The Annie Oakley Center for York and Eylon. “I’ve heard great things about Darke County and The Garst Museum,” shared Mr. Eylon. “This far exceeded my expectations – the volunteers are so passionate, and the exhibits are so well organized that they would definitely impress visitors.”

Jeffrey Besecker, member of The Gathering at Garst joined York, Perry and Eylon to talk about the newest event in the county taking place this weekend, highlighting events and people who shaped our county’s history.

“It was a great pleasure exploring and sharing elements of our history with Ohio State Tourism Director, Amir Eylon,” stated Mr. Besecker. “The enthusiasm Mr. Eylon displayed not only for our history, but our future endeavors, serves as a beacon to shine a light on a community which is full of life and vibrant promises.”

A quick drive north landed the two tourism professionals at Eldora Speedway. Director Operations at Eldora and Vice President of the Darke County Visitors Bureau Board of Trustees, Larry Boos took York and Eylon on the roof-top tour of the dirt-track racing kingdom. Mr. Boos shared that more than 150,000 people attend a race in any given year, making Eldora the largest city in Darke County, four times a year.

“Those who know me, know I love racing, so Eldora was a "must visit" on the tour of Darke County,” shared Mr. Eylon. “It is one of the most famous sprint tracks in the country located right here in Ohio!”

The next stop on the quick tour of Darke County landed the two at The Inn at Versailles for a tour of the boutique hotel and lunch at Michael Anthony’s at The Inn. Roy Brown, General Manager at the Inn and board member of the Darke County Visitors Bureau gave the grand tour of the one-of-a-kind property. The three enjoyed a delicious lunch prepared with locally-grown foods like corn, tomatoes, spinach and lettuce and fresh, Ohio lamb. After lunch, Mr. Brown showed York and Eylon where the produce is grown. Sycamore Bridge Farm is located just outside of the quaint village of Versailles and houses acres of grapes, corn, tomatoes and other produce used at Michael Anthony’s at the Inn.

The final stop for State Tourism Director Eylon’s trip to Darke County was the KitchenAid Factory. Scott Hartings, Finance Manager and Treasurer on the Darke County Visitors Bureau Board of Trustees gave the grand tour of the beloved KitchenAid Stand Mixer.

“We are so fortunate here in Ohio to have such rich heritage as Annie Oakley, the Garst Museum, KitchenAid and so much more throughout our small towns,” stated Eylon. “It is an absolute pleasure to come out and enjoy the pride and enthusiasm of the people, and it’s an even greater pleasure for me to be able to market all these great places that still embody small town America.”

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