Friday, December 16, 2011 Anonymous Donors Paying off Kmart Layaway Accounts

Feeling not so in the spirit of the season? Check out this story from Apparently, in a growing trend people are anonymously paying off K-Mart layaway accounts, focusing on accounts with large numbers of toys put away, and showing a preference for families who are struggling to afford gifts for their children.

The story specifically details one woman who physcially showed up to pay off accounts and stayed to pass out $50 bills to people as they entered, refusing to provide her name or story beyond telling them to "remember Ben," in memory of her recently deceased husband.

Excuse me, it's all dusty in here and I seem to have gotten something in my eye...


  1. Santa comes in many forms. He doesn't always have to be dressed in the typical red & white suit with the fluffy white beard.
    Sounds like a very good reason to be kind to others as you never know who might be standing near you, and might just be your "Santa"

  2. ...or maybe God...


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