Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Greenville Parks Launches "Carry In, Carry Out" Program

Greenville Park Board met for their monthly meeting last week. With the recent cuts that the park budget took for 2012, the board is continuing to review ways to save money and time in the parks. One of those cost savings was to review the trash dumpsters that are located throughout the park. We removed 13 trash dumpsters around the park and want the public to know that we are counting on your help, to keep our parks clean!

The Ohio Department of Natural Resources has removed 372 trash cans from state parks over the last three years. And, surprisingly, park manager’s report seeing less trash on trails, according to an article published on Monday by The Columbus Dispatch.

As part of the department’s “Carry In, Carry Out” program, park-goers are asked to manage their own waste by leaving with the trash they bring in, reports Waste & Recycling News. Parks have also begun selling reusable containers and water bottles in gift shops to reduce plastic.

Due to high success rates, the can-cutting program – which began in the southwestern part of the state – will expand to central Ohio this spring, reports The Columbus Dispatch.

Greenville Park Board has picked up the campaign of The Ohio Department of Natural Resources “Carry In, Carry Out” program. Park-goers are asked to manage their own waste by leaving with the trash they bring in.

Why Carry In Carry Out?

Trash cans are unsightly in a natural setting, and they can disrupt woodland ecosystems

  • Wildlife can become dependent on trash as a food source
  • Pests, including bees and wasps, are also attracted to trash cans and dumpsters

When park staff spends less time and resources on trash collection, they can spend more time and resources on the facilities and programs you enjoy!

How can I help?

Minimize waste

  • Pack your picnic in reusable containers
  • Choose reusable eating utensils, cups and plates
  • Avoid products with excessive packaging
  • Bring a trash bag with you for your outing

We ask the public to help us with the Carry In Carry Out in our parks!

The Park board of Commissioners also wanted to let the public know that our peacocks in the park are in great shape. We recently had a volunteer ask to take care of the peacocks, feeding, water and checking on them two to three times a day. The peacocks are in warmer months in two separate pens, however for the winter are placed in one building that has a large space for getting through the winter months. We have a heated water system that keeps water from freezing and provide peacock feed on a daily basis.

If you would like to volunteer in our parks, we would love to have you…. You can contact one of the Park boards of Directors.

Kathy Beam, Matt Kolb, Dale Musser

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