Sunday, September 23, 2012

Security System Installed at Library

Patron Beth Sears is seen passing through the security gate.
Thanks to very generous donations from the Brown Family Foundation, Becky & Terry Hartnagle, and the Harry D. Stephens Memorial Trust, the Greenville Public Library was able to purchase a walk-through security system from Bayscan. Again the choice was made by the Board of Trustees after careful consideration.

The system consists of a “gate” of two panels through which people walk coming and going at the main entrance; the computer software; and 1000’s of labels which are in the process of being applied to the Library’s materials. The catalogers are putting them on all new books, DVD’s, etc. and the Circulation staff is doing so with incoming and outgoing materials.

These labels must be activated at the time of check-in and deactivated at check-out. This allows materials to exit the Library without setting off a beep! If something is being carried out without checking out and being deactivated, the system will sound. It’s similar to many retail stores.

Loss of materials is inevitable - especially items which are checked out but not brought back. At the same time many items leave the Library illegally. This is very costly as well as inconvenient. Sometimes the catalog says an item is “in” but it cannot be found on the shelves. It’s this kind of problem the new system will alleviate.

So we’re not like an airport that’s checking for all kinds of things! We’re just “reminding” people to be sure to check out - which is not a problem for 99.9% of our patrons. The Board and staff are very grateful for the support of the above benefactors who always ensure that the Library is safe and efficient.

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