Tuesday, January 15, 2013

DCSO Warns Against Phone Scam

Citizens report that they receive multiple phone calls from a person, who in most cases is what sounds to be an adult male with a foreign accent. The caller was demanding payment for the digging of gravesites that the citizen had not requested. In what is believed to be an act of intimidation, the caller then advised that he had their personal information; such as date of birth, address, social security number, etc. The citizen obtained basic contact information from the caller and then informed the Darke County Sheriff’s Office of this activity.

Investigation by Darke County Deputies confirmed that the above and learned that the caller was from the state of Hawaii and ran a grave digging business. When the caller was confronted about harassing the citizen they began arguing with the Deputy and claimed they were the victim for lack of payment from the citizen. As the Deputy continued his questioning the caller became irate with the Deputy and demanded his name, badge number and department name. The phone call ended with no resolve.

Soon after the above conversation had ended, the citizen received another call from the initial caller. This time the caller was claiming to be the Deputy who had just got off the phone with him. The caller was again trying to get the citizen to pay for services not rendered but with a stronger act of intimidation. Caller ID on the citizen’s phone showed up as coming from the Darke County Sheriff’s Office emergency phone number.

Sheriff Toby Spencer is warning citizens not to fall for this scam which can take different forms of services being rendered. In all situations, it is important that citizens do not verify or provide any personal information over the phone unless they positively know or trust the caller.

Citizens should report all crimes to the Darke County Sheriff’s Office in a timely manner by calling (937) 548-2020.

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