Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Two Years of Targeting more Gun Rights and Freedoms

Guest Column from State Representative Jim Buchy

The issue of our gun possession rights remains paramount in this state. The importance of protecting the Second Amendment and improving concealed carry laws was a key topic of the Ohio General Assembly over the last two years. In west central Ohio, we know it is a matter of freedom. To our benefit the Ohio government passed three pieces of legislation in the gun owner’s favor.

In the past two years, we fought tirelessly to enact laws that keep your gun possession freedoms strong. House Bill 45, House Bill 54, and most recently House Bill 495 have been enacted into law to protect your freedoms and simplify the laws governing them. Simplifying Ohio’s gun laws translates as protecting your rights and arming our public as the Second Amendment permits a state to do.

  • House Bill 45 passed the House of Representatives in the spring of 2011. The bill permits a concealed carry licensee to possess a firearm in any restaurant, as long as the licensee is not under the influence of alcohol or drug abuse. It also modifies the offense of improperly handling firearms in a motor vehicle as it applies to concealed carry licensees, removing many restrictions on the transport of handguns.
  • House Bill 54 was passed in the summer of 2011. It updated Ohio law to conform to new federal standards for the restoration of civil firearm rights. It eliminates the prohibition against persons with certain misdemeanor offense convictions to acquire a gun.
  • House Bill 495 passed in the last few weeks; allows a licensed gun owner the convenience of keeping the magazine loaded in the car and it makes renewing your license more convenient by eliminating the need to recertify your weapon.

As we close on this General Assembly, we have achieved many victories in the battle, but the fight is far from over. The anti-gun activists will use any excuses to get inside your homes and limit your rights. It is imperative that we stay strong in the fight to preserve our Second Amendment rights so we can protect our livelihood and valued property. With reapportionment my office email has changed to rep84@ohiohouse.gov. Please follow this quick URL to complete an online survey and give me your thoughts to guide priorities for the new General Assembly: http://twelio.com/3cg0hb

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