Wednesday, March 13, 2013

"The Little Spring that Could" © By Abraham Lincoln

Here is a story that gives us some ideas about what may be coming. Global Warming is in the news more each day and the big newspapers are putting some of their best reporters on the story. Television had a program about it; and, I was looking at things I wrote about our environment it back in the 1970s — and the intense heat and the drought we were in.

At that time I had a newsletter and sold subscriptions to it — $10.00 for 6 issues. I wrote it by hand, using a careful italic style that looks more like printing than writing. I was getting the word out then, long before computers and the Internet and Global Warming were parts of our daily speech.

I wrote that there were three things that were man made that were destroying our planet: One, the Greenhouse Effect; Two, the Destruction of the Rain Forests; and Three, the Destruction of the Ozone Layer.

I had all kinds of ideas about the things a single human being could do that would begin to turn things around and make a difference in the natural resources we wasted when we flushed the toilet or rinsed our hands off under the kitchen sink.

I advocated that we all pee twice in the toilet, at least, and flush once. If we all did that we would automatically save half of the potable drinking water we have left to use on earth. But I imagined that nobody wanted to walk into their bathroom and see the toilet bowl with pee in it — that idea never caught on.

Here where I live in Brookville, Ohio, there is a natural spring that runs out of a pipe on Wolf Creek Pike. It has run for ages without any problems and the brick house that sat immediately above it, higher up on the cliff-like rise, used it for generations.

The house was demolished and hauled away but the spring continued to run as it always had. Then there was a sign that appeared one day saying the water was not safe to drink, but the people who had filled up countless plastic, gallon, milk jugs continued to pull over and fill their jugs like their parents and grandparents had.

I still get to drive past the spring and it is still running but there is a larger "warning" sign telling people to drink it at their own risk and you might as well forget about trying to sue anybody if the water makes you sick.

I would say, when your spigot no long works and the new water tower is empty and the electric water pumps that pumps our drinking water straight out of the Dayton Water Works is shut off, and can't be turned back on; that the little spring that has been spewing real spring water for generations will suffer through the lined up string of cars there to get good drinking water in gallon milk jugs; and continue on throughout the time called, "Global Warming."

I admit there were times in the drought, back in the 70s, when the spring's flow was cut to almost a dribble, but it continued to move water and while it took so much longer to fill up a gallon jug with water, people still lined up to get it.

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