Friday, April 5, 2013

WDTN Captures Disturbance Outside of Darke County Courthouse Thursday Afternoon

A man caused quite a disturbance outside of the courthouse today and WDTN was there to catch the entire thing.

A man attempted to enter the courthouse with a rock and a knife while making some sort of threats and was stopped by officers and taken into custody after a brief altercation.

The identity of the man is not known at this time, but Greenville Police told WDTN he is being medically evaluated.

Jackie Sprague, a reporter for WDTN, happened to be at the courthouse at the time covering the trial of Melody and Michael Fisher which, as of this post, has not reached a verdict. Police say that this incident is unrelated to that case in anyway.

Check out video of the incident below.

2 NEWS captures disturbance on video

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