Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Versailles Parent Teacher Organization Awarded

Versailles Area Chamber of Commerce is honored to present the Versailles Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) its 2013 People-Pride-Progress Award. Versailles Exempted Village Schools is proud to be a partner with the parents/guardians of our community, who have come together to form this group to create a great learning environment for our students.

The Versailles PTO has contributed to the educational success for our students. For the last three years, the PTO has spearheaded fundraising of $63,000 that directly benefitted the students, families, and teachers of the Versailles Exempted Village School District. Items such as new swings and fencing for the playground, SMART board technology for interactive classroom learning, and field trips for each elementary grade levels were underwritten by the Versailles PTO. In addition, the PTO supported motivational speakers that have been brought to the school to provide guidance and inspiration on topics pertinent to our young students. The Father/Daughter’s Dance and the Mother/Son Bowling events in the 4th grade provide quality events for families. The fourth grade graduation and grade level picnics celebrating a successful school year are also organized by the PTO.

On the education side, the Versailles PTO has partnered with Versailles Elementary School to provide fun learning activity events. The Art Show, Math Night, Science Night, Literacy Night, Kindergarten Meet and Greet are all wonderful activities implemented in the last three years, where students can work with and show their parents/guardians the countless things being learned in their classrooms. It is wonderful to view the families involved in learning at these events.

All the activities would not occur without the commitment, energy, and thoughtfulness of all parents who have been involved with the Versailles PTO.

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