Monday, February 10, 2014

Mercer County Inmate Fashions a Shank from a Spork, Initiates Altercation with Corrections Officers

Mercer County Sheriff Jeff Grey released few details of an incident in the jail. On Thursday evening around 6:30 PM an inmate became unruly in the jail. When corrections officers entered the cell block, the inmate refused to comply and follow directions.

As corrections officers approached the inmate they saw that he had a homemade shank. A physical altercation ensued and the inmate was disarmed by the corrections officers. Patrol units were called to the facility to assist. The inmate was then placed in lockdown.

The investigation of the incident revealed that the inmate had filed a spork eating utensil into a sharp weapon on the wall and intercom in his cell. "The spork was filed to a point and capable of stabbing someone," stated Sheriff Grey. "This inmate is currently being served finger food on a styrofoam plate only. The majority of inmates act responsibly, but this is a reminder to all of us & to our citizens, that we do house dangerous criminals in our facility."

One corrections officer incurred an injury to his ankle and the inmate incurred a few scrapes and scratches to his head, hands, and neck. The corrections officer has received treatment and will be off duty for several days.

Due to the nature of the incident and the on-going investigation, the name of the inmate is being withheld. Once the investigation is complete and the prosecutor has reviewed the case and filed the appropriate charges, the name will be released. This inmate is not likely to be released soon, so there is no rush to file charges.

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