Wednesday, March 5, 2014


Today, approximately 20 million seniors use the Internet, almost half of them are on Facebook. Seniors use Facebook to connect with children and grandchildren and to view photos and videos of their family and friends. Many re-connect with friends in other locations, including classmates, former co-workers, service men and women and organizations.

Residents of Brethren Retirement Community, and their family and friends, our staff, and greater community, are encouraged to stay in touch with scheduled activities and events and daily happenings by checking posts on the Brethren Retirement Community’s Facebook page.

We have 363 “Likes” and would like 500. Please “LIKE US” on Facebook.
To do so type in – Hit enter. Once you see our main Facebook page, click on “LIKE” then wait about 30 seconds and click “Like” again.A drop down box will open - click “Get Notifications” and you’re done. It’s that easy! After that, our daily posts will show up in your news feed on Facebook.

As you get to know us we are sure you will agree…why would anyone live in a building when they could live in a thriving community under one roof!

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