Friday, April 25, 2014

"Preserve and Protect" by Carla Surber

I was a child who was raised with core values in an agricultural community, and learned the importance of preserving what you have. I conduct my business in this way, both personally and professionally, regarding ownership and maintenance of property. “To preserve what you have for future generations” is a phrase that I hold as a truism.

On May 6th, we have an opportunity to renew a permanent improvement levy. This will be the sixth time we can affirm the need for the levy, which exclusively maintains, improves or purchases district assets. The money cannot be used to fund salaries or benefits for personnel. Anything purchased with this money is required to have a life of at least five years by legal statute. A homeowner of a $ 100,000 house in Greenville School District is paying annually $ 29.80 for this levy. A renewal of this levy also keeps another $ 4.26 flowing from the state in rollback dollars from this same home. This was eliminated from new levies last year. Renewal brings money to our community from the State of Ohio coffers.

This is not a request for new taxes. It is a continuation of a tax that has been in effect for twenty-five years and has served the district well. This levy is for the maintenance of items that we own, or to purchase new assets in order to protect and serve the children of our district. Times are changing and the need to create a safe environment for those we serve is of paramount importance. The news around us makes it clear that our children are in peril from dangerous situations. The dollars from this levy will continue to be used for preservation and safety enhancement for the district. Expenditures will be made with thoughtful purpose, minimizing the use of dollars on existing buildings which will be out of service after three years.

Yes, we are building a new building, and yes, the people voted to build and maintain that new building. However, there will be an interim period in which it will be necessary to keep present structures in working order, hopefully with assets that can be moved to the new facility or kept in the present high school. Renewal of the levy will serve that purpose. The new building will not open until the 2016-2017 school year.

Your support of this levy is critical to our continued needs.

Please vote on May 6th to keep our district structurally sound.

Carla Surber
Greenville City Schools

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