Friday, April 25, 2014

Reviewing State Budget to Maintain Ohio’s Momentum

Guest Column from State Representative Jim Buchy

Governor Kasich recently proposed his Mid-Biennial Budget Review, or MBR, which gives lawmakers a second look at the budget that was passed last year and allows us to determine where improvements can be made. Because of the vast size of the bill—surpassing 1,600 pages—the House rightfully decided to break it down into smaller components so that each separate issue can receive appropriate level of oversight and review.

Among the most important aspects of the governor’s plan is looking for ways to further reduce the burden on Ohio taxpayers, making it easier for families to meet their needs and freeing up more money for small business owners to create more jobs and expand their operations.

Under Governor Kasich’s leadership and a continued commitment by the state legislature, we have been able to cut taxes for Ohioans, including the passage of last year’s state operating budget, which contained the largest year-to-year tax cut in the country. This has all happened while balancing the budget every year and adding to the state’s emergency reserve fund. Most important to Ohio’s economic recovery is the creation of about 238,000 private sector jobs since January 2011—fifth in the nation and tops in the Midwest during that time period.

I believe that individuals are the best stewards of their money, and making it possible to keep more of it in their pockets leads to economic development, more jobs and stronger families. Although we are only required to pass a budget once every two years, being able to review it every other year only enhances our ability to work toward a system that makes Ohio more competitive to business owners and more attractive to people looking to raise a family.

The MBR also addresses critical issues related to education, agriculture, veterans and mental health and drug addiction. This is all the more reason to break the plan up into several smaller pieces and assign them to their corresponding committees.

As the House and Senate continue working toward implementing these reforms, I will do my best to keep the people of Darke, Auglaize, Mercer and Shelby counties informed. As always, I want to hear from the people of the district about the issues that you are most passionate about. Please share your ideas and concerns.

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